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Backlink creation for my fiverr profile?

Hey there!

I am curious to know that will it be a wise decision to create backlinks [like blog commenting/profile backlink] for my fiverr profile/gig???


Yes - both. Fiverr encourages you to send them traffic.


It you mean going around on social media posting links to your gigs no.
Some sites have blocked links from fiverr sellers due to promotional efforts like this. Also it’s not effective for getting sales unless you have a large dedicated following already on your own social media.

I don’t recommend posting links to your gigs on the accounts of others.

Social media promotions of your gigs aren’t possible for most of us unless it’s posting a video on youtube about your gigs, although even that might not work. It’s become a sophisticated operation to have effective social media promotions and it’s beyond the capabilities of most of us sellers.

Twitter and facebook in particular are lost causes for this type of thing.


thanks for your reply!
But actually i am worried about my gigs’ performance. Those are falling down day by day. Till now I have got only one order & delivered timely & perfectly. But now i am not getting any order nevertheless i am eagerly waiting for it. And definitely i know my capability & efficiency. So what do i do now?

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Only if you have the permission from each blog owner and for that specific post to leave a comment with the link to your profile. If you don’t have the permission, and/or post unrelated comments with your profile link, it’s spamming. Nobody who sees your comments will buy from you, they’ll just see you as yet another desperate spammer (plus blog owners are likely to block you). Some blog owners might also report you to Fiverr for spamming their blogs, and you could lose your account for that.

You state on your profile that you have “successful career … on Digital Marketing for years”. You can use your knowledge of what works in digital marketing (since you’re successful in it) to market your services.


Thank you @catwriter for your valuable feedback!

Actually I am established on Digital Marketing & Brand Communication in corporate sector. I work in a reputed IT company here. Beside this, I want to do some more. And I am new on fiverr. That’s why I am worried about it!

Can you apply your digital marketing knowledge on your freelancing business? Or, if you need to learn more about it first, I guess at least you’d have a better idea where to start than most.

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I have already four active gigs where I am expert. But gig traffics are falling down. I regularly share these on social media platform, participate on buyers request. But not receiving any order. I can only apply my knowledge when I can get a job offer.

You can’t apply your knowledge to successfully market your services?

you may not be correctly got my point! i have already told you the way I promote my gigs, right? and I am looking for other possible ways also to promote those & fixing the problem, not to arguing with anyone. once again I am telling you that I know my capability & let me remind you I am new here.

I am requesting you to re-read my topic & replies as well. hope you will clear about it!


Sharing in social media and applying to buyer requests?

Sharing in social media only helps if that’s where your target audience is, and others are applying to buyer requests, too.

I’m sorry, but I’m not a marketing expert. I thought you’d know more ways to promote your services than most people here, since most people here are not marketing specialists.


You asked about backlink creation for your fiverr profile. I have some excellent naturally generated backlinks I’ve noticed and that still accounts for a low percentage of my sales as far as I can tell.

I’m sure trying to create them artificially wouldn’t help.

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haha…now it’s becoming funny because either you don’t understand or don’t want to. For an online platform, which media is preferable for a digital freelancer to promote their offer/service/business???
Even it is suggested from fiverr to promote your gig on social media for attracting more traffic.
And one more note from me, if you do not understand any topic or don’t have any fruitful suggestion for a particular requirement, please don’t go for a reply. Because only your misunderstanding on a matter can lead to a misconception!

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thank you! that’s really helpful information for me because I actually looking for such type of reply.

If I create backlink on “seo niche specific” manually, then will it be risk for my profile? Can you suggest me about it??

Of course it’s suggested, it brings more traffic to Fiverr (it won’t necessarily bring you any sales, it will serve to promote Fiverr).

An advice that’s often repeated is not to promote gigs directly, but to promote your landing page instead (for example, the homepage of a website you have created for yourself, that would tell more about you and your services, and would lead to your Fiverr gigs).

Another advice that’s often mentioned is to visit forums where your target audience (people who might be looking for your services) is, and then help them in some way (don’t start with mentioning your gigs, don’t try to sell, advise them when they need it, help them, and in time they’ll start trusting you and might buy from you).

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that’s what I actually looking for as well.

sorry for the tough conversation :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I expected you’d know about these techniques already.

Marketing is marketing, really. :slight_smile: And here, “afsanabarik” is your brand, and your Fiverr account your tiny little corporation. If you think about it that way, perhaps you can come up with more ideas about promotion? :slight_smile:


Nope! Because promoting a business & promoting fiverr profile are not the same. Promoting any business or service to a relevant site is not a matter for me. What matters is my ID. As far I know many sites do not allow fiverr sellers’ link for promotional purpose and it may have a bad effect sometime. So I was concerned about it.
You are level two seller & working here from 2014 I watched. So I was expecting suggestions regarding fiverr services not the marketing techniques. Also if you check my topic, there I wanted to know whether the technique would be good for my fiverr profile or not. I don’t know now I can make you clear or not!!!

Hi again. I believe a successful method is to open a youtube account, make some videos that provide some value, send traffic from social media to those videos … and link the videos to your gigs - or your website and then on to Fiverr.

Fiverr likes you to send traffic. They’ll even give you money for it, if you’re successful.

It will not harm your profile. On the contrary.

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Thanks for sharing your suggestions! :slight_smile:

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