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Backlink creation for my fiverr profile?

Don’t worry for any thing, be patient and do research on market need related to service you offer. Decorate your self with the best tool for promotions. join Groups and forums, share you skills and availability. create your own group on different channel. improve you portfolio for your work reference. The best part which you can do is find your target audience, reach to them by using email or other communication method. keep working on it continuously. by the time passage you will get perfection.

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I know I was speaking to you personally… Because I was addressing your point. That’s the nature of discussion. I then addressed your defensiveness to my legitimate and civilized rebuttal, which any self-respecting person would do.

I read the post and I know exactly what you’re talking about. My point still stands: what you wrote could lead some people to think that spamming is effective. That doesn’t mean I’m saying you’re advocating for spam.

It makes no difference if you were directing it to a specific person. This is a public forum and everyone can see what you wrote, so its impact can extend to everyone. That’s why it matters and that’s why I wrote to you. If it’s so private, then why not message her privately.

Words have impact when they are public, regardless if they are only addressed a specific person. That’s how forums work.

Don’t ever call me or anyone “luvvy” again. That’s beyond unprofessional and condescending.

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Lol - well, since we were chatting and getting to know each other, I forgot got myself for a moment. I will never call you luvvy again. Although it’s a common thing in the UK, but I will respect your cultural objection to it.

This forum has a respond directly “reply” feature, as well as a respond indirectly “reply” feature - you used the respond directly one. Hitting the wrong one is an easy mistake to make - I’ve done it myself loads of times, so there you are.

Well, getting back to the point of this thread, the OP seems to know what she’s doing, so I responded to her with respect for both her question and her skills.

Since very few people tend to read these threads - particularly the “help me get orders!” people - I’m pretty sure I can say that the remarks I addressed to the OP made sense to her even if they didn’t meet with your approval.

My first flagged post! How fun!

I wasn’t responding to her. She wasn’t the one who said something that could be misconstrued.

Again, the reply button is irrelevant because everyone can see it and thus its contents can have impact on everyone.

If you find it “fun” to get flagged (more sarcasm), then don’t call people “luvvy.” It can also be interpreted as sexist and mansplaining. I didn’t flag you, by the way.

I don’t know why people skip from the main topic and start arguing on each other. Please stop it on my humble request. It is not beneficial to any one. Please @Coerdelion and @humanissocial. you are both well educated and are good human too. I feel so good when I found any topic with out such things. Please don’t mind but there is nothing to fight or arguments. we’ve joined the topic help some one not to be in high blood pressure. Thanks you for considering my request

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Well now you’re confusing even me with the whole who you replied to using what, so I will leave the field to you, @humanissocial .

Believe me, She has a very good sense of humor, and She always pass good informative knowledge to every one. don’t get disappointed. just keep in mind unity is a strength. build you professional network as much as you can and work like a team.

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You’re referring to things “making sense” to the OP and saying your post was a reply, therefore my point doesn’t matter, but that’s irrelevant because she’s not the only one whom public posts can impact. That’s why I wrote what I wrote, to add insight and context to the point. Doing that doesn’t mean I think you or the OP don’t understand this. I don’t. I’m just providing context for others. You responded with condescension and sarcasm.

That’s all I’m going to say. I’ve made my point. Take care.

Hi Afsanabarik, I have rode almost all the reply from this topic, few of them are good and informative. the rest is I myself don’t know for what? any ways, what I got experience is do what ever you consider the best for you. Getting opinion from public is just loosing your confidence and is not more then this. We human mostly learn from our mistakes and this way we become perfectionist. The good and bad is not always same for every one, but at the end, the bad thing will never bring good results.

That’s a risky advice. Some sellers got banned doing that.

So I am ready, Please ban me. In my opinion it is a powerful motivation and that’s all. stop threading by fake information.

This may be helpful to you: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR


Yes ,especially when they get reported :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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@catwriter that’s why i told you earlier I promote my fiverr gigs on social media, you can check the reply. It means I definitely have a facebook & twitter account just to promote my gig.

And my concern was whether the backlink creation to other bloggers’ site would be a wise decision or else they might mark my profile as spam. & I was looking for this reply; but somehow you got misunderstood.
Finally you have come to the exact point.

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@humanissocial @coerdelion @netartica @catwriter Thanks to all of you for your valuable opinion. I was just curious to know about a matter. But somehow it has turned into a controversial topic unintentionally. Now I am feeling sorry if somehow I hurt anyone of you.

@humanissocial @coerdelion & @netartica I am hoping for a future suggestions from yous if necessary whereas I am new to fiverr & still I don’t know many things about it!

Best wishes to all :heart::heart::heart:

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I excuse for this little controversial impact on your topic, alI my forum colleagues are my strength and I believe they all have a sensitive and good heart and they are not against to any one until unless they got some bad behavior. So I do respect to all and will be remain for ever.
We join this place to polish our skills and they all give good suggestion as @catwritter mentioned something to me which is actually meaning full but I took it wrong because she pick a one word not the whole paragraph. But reality says, she was trying to protect me from an unwanted happening. But it react on me as a thread. We are freelancer and we join freelancing because we are looking for freedom and here should be no boss, we can pass our opinions politely not as an order. Any how that was just a moment which has been passed. thank you for your best wishes for us and you are welcome for ever.

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That’s not what it necessarily means. :slight_smile: A lot of sellers use their personal social media accounts to promote their gigs, and are surprised when they find out it doesn’t bring them any results. If I haven’t scared you away from the forum and you stick around for a while, you’ll see what I mean. :slight_smile:

Indeed. I’ve seen sellers do what they honestly think is best for them, without realizing that they’re breaking the rules, and then they get in trouble.


Observing own activities are considered as good habit. and acceptance of your mistake will keeps you stop from repeat. Normally I am very happy person in my life,but I got so disturbed when I use harsh words to some one. I am a follower of that Almighty who live in hearts and I always tried to avoid to hurt some one. intentionally or unintentionally. So accept my apologies. that time I was dealing to solve a controversy with the same way as I described. I found two from us was in red. So I tried to realize them they are doing some thing for nothing, and to remove that bad impact from OP I did motivate her. At sudden you arrived with your opinion and their I loose my control. Thank you, you didn’t gave a push that time. You wisdom is appreciable.