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Backlink Help for More Sales?


Expert comments Please

Web 2.0 post like WordPress , blogspot post help for more gig sale ? or backlink ?

expert suggestion please


I have absolutely no idea what you are asking? Would you be so kind as to rephrase your questions in clearer English? Full sentences would go a long way as well.


How to increase my sale, If I create backlink , or web 2.0 link for my gig. this is help for my sale ?


You can increase the potential of making more sales by marketing and promoting your gigs/services directly to the target customers who need your services. Are your target customers trolling the internet for random links to random Fiverr gigs? Probably not.

Study your gigs and brainstorm some ways in which you can connect the services you are selling, to the people who need those services.


I don’t know what web 2.0 is but search engine optimization is not going to help you get sales for your gig.

Google does not index individual gigs.


Actually Google does index gigs and profile pages from Fiverr. Unfortunately we can’t write a custom meta description for each gig, but the rest like reviews and prices are picked up nicely.



Sure. If your backlink attracts genuine buyers you might get a sale.


Why does it say the first one is out of stock?


No idea to be honest. Have you paused that gig at some point?
I’m not sure which parameter it checks for the stock value.


I’ll have to check in the warehouse to see if I need to order some more.