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Backlink helpful ? Fiverr gig?

If I create backlink for my Fiverr gig, then can I get some sell? It’s helpful or not?
Also share from posting, SEO related etc.

I seriously doubt it would be helpful to your fiverr gig to have backlinks to it.

You need visitors to it that are interested in what you are offering.


High-quality backlinks may improve the SEO ranking of your gig in SERPS like Google. With that being said, I highly doubt a few backlinks will make any difference, because of Fiverrs already strong position in that regard.

I’m no SEO expert, but I’m thinking that if there are many similar gigs to yours, and Google is not giving your gig a proper ranking, back-links of high quality may help with that. Low-quality backlinks is more likely to harm this ranking.

As far as I know it will not affect your placement in search on Fiverr though, and you should be focusing on Fiverr. Tweak your gigs to perfection, using great descriptions, video, nice graphics, and most important of all; providing a high-quality product or service in your niche at the right price, making your buyers happy.

You can also market your Gig in social media.

In my experience, the best way to get more sales is to provide a great service.

I would take a look at this great thread on how you can optimize your gig:

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


maybe it’s not working for fiverr sir .


its not working, but you can increse traffic and sell by gig marketing

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