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Backlinking on Fiverr GiG

Can I build backlinks on my Fiverr gig to improve my rankings on Fiverr or is it waste of time??

That doesn’t improve your rankings and it doesn’t even influence SEO.

Why would you think it affects your rankings? Why would Fiverr rank someone based on how many backlinks there are to a gig? It’s based on what buyers want and Fiverr isn’t going to foster link spam.

Backlinks are indeed a part of SEO but you’ve totally misinterpreted how they do that.

There is nothing stopping you from educating yourself on how backlinks actually work in SEO. You don’t even own the Fiverr site so you’ll see that you can’t manipulate another company’s SEO.


Fiverr doesn’t care if you have backlinks to your gig. Your ranking isn’t based on that.


thanks for clarify my misunderstanding.

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OK i got i think its improve my ranking…


Backlinks don’t improve your ranking.


You do not appear to have read the comments of those who responded to you. Backlinks do NOT improve “gig ranking”. In fact, there is no such thing as “gig ranking”. You have absolutely no control over where your gig shows up in the search results – and that’s the way Fiverr wants it to be (so that people cannot manipulate the results in their favor).