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Backlinks EXPLOSION - good vs bad [ARCHIVED]

Hi everybody, i have a question!

  1. What will be happen if someone buys thousend of different backlinks useing fiverr. I know it could be very bad for google - but someone tell me that it will not harm every keywords. It means that some keywords will not be found anymore but some keywords will be found very high in the ranking. Is that true?

  2. How can i identify white head backlinks. Nearly everybody on fiverr use the words googlesafe!?

  3. What do you think are the most important tasks for ranking (please no gig offers)

Thank you for the answers!

Kind regards

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Im happy to get this fast help! I am realle a beginner :slight_smile:

Is the traffic with keywords from google good for the ranking? I dont just mean the alexa rankings…

  1. Likely Google will hit your site down in retaliation for using black hat techniques and make you disappear on page 10 for a while.
  2. If you want white hat/real marketing and links, you will have to use proper SEO techniques, site marketing and contect generation. No bots, no spam, no “quick fixes” but hard work.
  3. Those tasks are paid tasks and anyone who can name them and/or do them will charge money for it. Since you always get what you pay for, you must research sellers to find one that fits.

you must never use backlinking techniques sold here on the fiverr as most of the gig providers use low ranking websites, which already contain hundreds of backlink of other websites, this makes them not likeable by Google and other search engines

As a result your website will start to lose authority and credibility.

Hope that helps

It all depends what your SEO strategy is - usually people who buy thousands of links have a black hat strategy and use Tiered link building - in these case they work well.

People who say they are worthless do not know how to do black hat SEO and do not understand the benefits of it.

Reply to @ruffcut: Hmmm, that means some people really work successful with black hat strategy… why they are not afraid of google, bing and yahoo punishment?

If that way really work… - it could be a alternative to buying and working on white head backlinks. I am really want to lern more about the opportunities of black hat seo! Do you have any experiance in both ways?

Reply to @musterdepot: As you can tell from my gigs, I am into black hat - though I do also work for an SEO agency in the UK that deals in nothing but white hat tactics.

It all depends on what your strategy is, and how you are planning to make money. Would I recommend it on a site that already has a good amount of visitors and revenue? No.

But if you’re trying to make money online, than yes black hat can be very lucrative. Take a look at some blogs online for more info.

Reply to @ruffcut: Benefits of it is that you can make a lot of money in a short period of time. But sooner or later it gets caught by google and website punished, no matter if it is tiered or not.

As you sell GSA you can also mention that it got badly hit by recent penguin 3 update.

So it may work but suggesting to someone who runs a reputable company on plans to be there for a long future to use any kind of black hat techniques is not good.

Reply to @m2webs: I’m not suggesting that anyone should do black hat seo for their business, I’m just saying black hat SEO does work but it depends on your strategy.

I use GSA for my own sites, 1 out of 30 have been hit. No GSA itself hasn’t been hit hard by penguin 3.0. However, people that do not know how to use GSA properly HAVE been hit.

The people that have been hit are the people that have no idea what they are doing when it comes to link building and think GSA is an easy tool to build mass links, a good example of a screwed campaign which I see noobs running is when they build article links or profile links that point to a blog comment or guest book - it just doesn’t make sense.

You have to think logically, in a natural way and obviously I’m not going to advertise exactly what I do here.

If, as you say ALL GSA links have been slapped, then every single link building tool including SENuke etc would all be useless now since they build links on basically the same sites in the same way. And this would mean black hat seo is dead… which is totally incorrect.

I’m guessing you don’t use black hat methods, otherwise you would know it’s not a ‘Tool’ that get’s slapped, it’s the way you build the links.

Reply to @ruffcut: Almost every SEO is black hat. I mean, not just numbers. The only white hat seo is when you make viral content and get backlinks naturally but that’s what less than 1% people use. But buying links from time to time from reputable sources is pretty safe.

The point with “software generated” links is that you just can’t get a link of good value for a long future. There is no software to give you good backlink. And don’t tell me that if you own a campany worth $500.000 or more who plans to stay on the market 20, 30, 100 years that you would suggest using senuke or gsa links ?

It’s ok when playing with micro niche or small website but playing risky with authority website is not the way to go.