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Backlinks - Stay FAR FAR Away from this guy


There is this seller, called “*****” selling the following package:

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NEVER buy this, and lets spread the word to not let anymore people fall prey. I have one website which I have developed for over the past 1.5 years, and this guy’s gig is VERY VERY deceiving. He have over 15000 buyers, some of which give such “wonderful” comments (e.g. my ranking is now at no. 1). I think he paid for these comments, and got so many people to fall for his business.

Firstly, something so scary is that this guy dont even answer messages.

THE HORROR BEGIN: I bought his packaage, and STRAIGHT AWAY, my ranking FELL drastically. I got penalized like hell. I was getting hundreds of click throughs from google. Now I’m down to ZERO. My leads fall, my business fall.

I messaged him to delete my links but NO REPLY. Something so simple, NO REPLY.

My perspective on choosing is now completely different. I cannot trust what I see.

I wish I can file a lawsuit on this guy. Unfortunately, this is all blackhat, so I can’t. I can only wish him the worst.


I forgot to mention. He Have MANY buyers who also said the same thing as me in his comments. Unfortunately they have been “washed” off by other “good or paid-for comments”.


he was a full cheater seller they have a team to income wrong way and many person pleased to see his/her review with good comments it’s a team work.thank you share a importent post


I agree with you. People are just commenting as outstanding or exceptional experience upon completion of the order. It take months for google to crawl and index these backlinks, I don’t know how simple they say outstanding?? Google doesn’t rank based on number of backlinks instead it does based on the quality.


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Why are you buying backlinks in the first place? Do you really think that you can get a better ranking from $5 backlinks while your competition is probably spending thousands of dollars on marketing agencies?

It’s 2017, we are way past bulk backlinks which have no relevance to your products or services. In most cases you’ll get automated traffic and even if there are real people behind that, they have no intention of buying your services or products.
It’s not about how many clicks your site gets, it’s about what visitors do on your site. If they are not converting then it’s just a white noise.


actually it has been working for many of my websites. However, my critical website is now tarnished


working, as in buying all sorts of backlinks… only from this guy I got wayyy unlucky


As a Seo Seller the problem buyer simply don’t understand the concept of seo .

They go to people who promises ranking in 1-2 months for 5$.

Buyer don’t understand There is more that 100 factors to rank a website .

You got what you paid for really …


Meaning that people coming through those backlinks are actually converting and contributing to your business growth?

I don’t want to put you on the spot here and I know that there are websites where traffic boost can help. It really depends on the goal of your website and what you expect to achieve with these backlinks. However, in most cases that traffic is not actually converting visitors into customers and it fades away.

I would rename this topic to “Backlinks-Stay Far Far Away” :stuck_out_tongue:
Unless you believe you’re that 0.1% exception who can benefit from these.


Google is well aware of this cheating practice and as you have seen penalizes those who do this.


Google has self driving cars making their way around Palo Alto and plans for sending satellites into space, they have independently mapped the world and created streetview by sending cars to drive around and photograph most of the world’s cities. Just a few of the fantastic projects by the company that revolutionized the internet and the advertising industry.
This is the company that you tried to fool by buying backlinks. Do you really think you can outsmart this company? Go to youtube and check out what GOOGLE THEMSELVES say about these kind of links although you probably don’t need to as you already know what they do to sites who buy them.

If the seller gave you a list of the links they created then use the file to disavow them. If not then use the disavow tool to find those links which have been crawled in the time since that order and disavow them.
Then learn from this and focus on actual “White Hat” SEO - the sort that does not try to cheat Google but works with Google’s vision for providing the best content and best results for those searching. This way you won’t have to have the constant fear of an update destroying your rankings but in fact every update will boost your ranking as the black hatters collapse around you.

What I Have Learned From Buying Backlinks

Alot of you seem to be very conservative.

I have been buying backlinks for the past 1 year, and seen excellent results in the rank of my many websites, and business been coming in. I don’t intend to stop purchasing backlinks just because of ONE unlucky encounter. I have seen other highly successful sites using “manufactured” backlinks as well.

From now on I will not go for cheap backlinks, I will go only for quality services without the massive quantity. In other words, its like paying for a whitehat service.

I have no time to dig out proper websites to deposit my link.


Each backlink is google’s version of a “vote”. The better your votes, the higher your ranking goes. of course a high DA website will contribute to a better vote.


If it works for you then go for it. It seems you’ve made up your mind so there’s no point arguing.

I might as well bookmark this post for future reference :smiley:


I am quite conservative in regards to SEO when compared to those who “promise/guarantee” to get page one results. The reason is that I see so many people who have experiences like yours, where a sudden fall occurs that takes months or years to recover from or is simply not worth the amount of effort it will take to do so. I get a fairly constant stream of people who need issues with bad backlinks fixed, not so much on Fiverr but from elsewhere (unfortunately when people have a bad experience on Fiverr, they tend to disregard the whole site).

The reality is that buying backlinks is ALWAYS black hat in that it is not what Google describes as natural. While I am happy to pay for guest posts on relevant sites (which is also technically black hat but less obvious), I never use bulk backlink services as IMO it is not a case of if Google will catch on to the site, but when. The fact that Penguin is now almost real time in terms of ranking and updating means that this will become more and more of an issue for those buying backlinks.

While backlink sellers and buyers are relying on methods that are ancient (in internet and technology terms) Google is pushing on and on with making their algorithm more effective at removing those who try to game the system. If I had a company worth $50 billion then I might consider trying to outsmart the Google behemoth but I don’t and so I go with the way they dictate instead.

Edit: [quote=“congun1, post:14, topic:115099”]
Each backlink is google’s version of a “vote”. The better your votes, the higher your ranking goes. of course a high DA website will contribute to a better vote.
This is the most basic of explanations of how SEO works. You neglect to point out that not all backlinks will be positive “votes”, “votes” from good quality but irrelevant sites are basically worthless aside from direct referrals and so on and so on. The simplistic “vote” concept you refer to is about 6 years out of date - an eternity in internet time.

True, but I have never had a site crash and burn like you have described in the OP.
If you have no time to seek out proper websites then you should pay someone to do that for you and then check them before attempting to get links from them rather than paying someone to create links blindly.