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Backlinks to fiverr account / gigs

Hello. I’m new and looking for a way to improve the search for my Gigs. I know seo well and I have a question, whether fiverr search results are also dependent on good quality pages with high PA / DA backlinks leading to my account or directly to offers or no and i can only do things that can be optimized on fiverr site.
Thanks for reply and best regards.


It was mentioned before.

Backlinks will help Fiverr, not your gig. They made sure you don’t have any benefit, so they have their own algorithm focused on the website performance. Feel free to create backlinks to your gig, but that helps Fiverr when it comes to ranking, not you.

ok, thanks. If you have right donnovan86 then you’ve finished the topic. If backlinks helk only, not mine gigs, then I won’t do it to them for free :smiley:
Let them buy my offer, then I will promote them :smile: