I was wondering if it is alright if I post a link on another website (such as pinterest) that redirects the users to my fiverr gig. I would like to increase my traffic but I don’t have the money to order gigs that would do that for me and neither do I have any kind of huge social media groups I could post it in… Which is quite troublesome since I get about 2K impressions/month but only fragmented orders ( sometimes I get 2 orders in a week and sometimes I get none for a month )

So I would like to know how to promote my gig through other websites OR how to get more clicks on the gigs ( not necessarily orders )

I hope to find an answer soon and help more people with my gigs :slight_smile:

yours sincerely,


P.S.: I know there is not a high demand on what I offer but I think that about 5 orders in 6 months is REALLY low… am I missing something ?



Pinterest is great.

I think what you offer is useful to many. The problem is that you have to convince potential buyers to trust you 100% as you get into their computers :slight_smile:

I see you are young guy with a nice smiling face. Why don’t you upload a nice video on your gig page to speak directly to people and say what you do, so that many can see (through body-language) if you may be trusted or not. I know that it will still be difficult but that would help I think. I see you have 3 excellent reviews, but in this world one can never know if these are your friends or not.

Speaking of friends, have you promoted your gigs among friends (school etc)? They have for sure an uncle or an aunt who doesn’t know how to about software!

Another thing is that as you are 17 years old, it seems strange that you are not in large social media groups.

Anyway, wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Reply to @happyspace:

Hi, thanks for your comment!

Well the problem is that I do know a hell of a lot about computers and software but I am probably the worst at using video recording/editing software… You see the point is, I know how software works at the core, that’s why I can fix problems, but I really don’t know how to make a nice video about my gig… I tried using pictures, and even just plain text with a nice moving background and music but that one was rejected because I wasn’t on the camera :frowning:

I do have some friends but the problem here is if they were to promote me, they would lose their jobs :wink: me and my friends are completely into informatics and are currently studying but it’s hard for others to promote concurrence.

As for social media, while I do make use of facebook, I really just use it to keep in touch with friends and family that is scattered over the world… I actually am quite redundant about large scale groups…

But I will try to take as much of your advice as possible into account and I hope to see more people willing to let me help them.

Wish you the best too :slight_smile:




Reply to @kjblynx:

Thanks for you reply, that’s really useful.




Hi again :slight_smile:

about making a video, why don’t you sit close to a window with much daylight coming inside from the side (your profile) and just use your laptop/ notebook etc built on camera? Be friendly, be natural, don’t overdo it trying to look cool and just tell people what you already have written in your gig description. You are handsome, you are young, you are fresh… what else do you need? It will be great.

about facebook, just spread the word to friends and family then. The ones that are scattered around the world as you wrote. It is your work. You deserve to be payed. I am sure you have been helping people for free with their pc issues, right? Now it’s their turn to help you :slight_smile: $5 is really nothing for them. Just a cup of coffee.

all the best!