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Bad apples ruin the bunch and now im done ordering gigs from here

I’m in the middle of launching a new brand. I needed some logo work done quickly. i reached out to to a few designers.

I hired the first one with an extra fee tacked on for 24 hour service. It took him 72 hours to get me something not even close to what i was requesting. I’m out of time. I needed it fast. he said he could get me something else withing 7 days. He begged for me to not cancel the order. I dont have the time to waste for someone that couldn’t listen to a simple description and then go and do something completely different from what was asked. this person had 700 reviews and a 5 star rating. Had it refunded.

Went to someone else. same situation. process was pleasant. got me the exact thing i was looking for after a couple of small revisions. only delivered half of the images promised in the order. it’s been 3 days of me sending very nice (until just now) messages looking for the rest of my order with no response. All this from another 500+ reviewed 5 star person.

Now im about to cancel my second order in as many weeks and all i have to show for it is wasted time and now lost money as this has delayed my launch. What good is a rating system when even the top tier rated folks wont do what they advertise? I want to support independent artists and freelance workers, but my trust in them only goes so far after so many letdowns.

is there a gig on here that gives you unearned 5 star ratings on fiverr or something?

It’s very hard to find the perfect talent for your job. Fiverr is an open, free marketplace. Anyone can sign up and offer their services. With that being said, even those with many reviews arent necessarily capable of doing certain jobs. (Yours in particular.)

They may have earned their reviews doing entirely different work!

This is the reason why I suggest reviewing their previous work. Review what they have completed to see if they are indeed capable of producing the designs/service you’re looking for.

Best of luck.


I appreciate it. that last line was more frustrated sarcasm on my end. It was simple logo work- nothing crazy. I went through their previous works shown on their reviews.

hey, at least i tried. i’m just frustrated enough to be done at this point. people that say they will do something, then not doing what they advertise. if i did that with any of my businesses, i would be out of business. here, it seems it’s just another tuesday’s business to lie and short the customer.

I’m sorry to hear that!

May I ask, how much did you pay to get a logo within 24 hours?

In my experience as a graphic designer that specializes in logo’s I can tell you that a 24 hour turnaround for a professional logo is simply not realistic as it will require for the designer to take some shortcuts and that in turn will result in a non professional design. There’s a lot that goes on behind the lines that you see as the logo. A true designer must research the brand extensively before getting started, sketch, resketche (on paper) then use software to create the design, etc.

If for example you we’re to go to the cool designer office in your town I can guarantee that they will not be offering a 24 hour delivery time frame.

If on the other hand you we’re just looking for something, cheap and fast, and basically a designated mouse clicker then that is a totally different story.

Also there’s mo such thing as a simple logo. The simplest are often times the most complicated. For example the apple logo might seem simple but to create it 100% geometrically perfect it is absolutely insane.


Sorry for your bad experience with you, you can also find the many seller with a quality design with service also,
you can higher a TRS seller for this project so i hope you get a final design as you want,

May be the seller had loads of orders, a buyer must see the number of orders the seller has in queue.
try new sellers too. they have less sales and when they get an order they do it with perfection because they don’t have any new orders they have enough time to give on one project.

congruentgraph: It was a quick and dirty $50 order. I wasn’t expecting a mindblowing logo for that pricepoint. I needed something simple, passable, and fast. the seller offered the 24 hour service for an extra $10 on the deal. I wasn’t expecting for it to be perfect out of the gate. I was expecting a couple of back and forths getting the design right over a few days. ordering 24 hour service is just a means to getting the product a little quicker as i was low on time.

Here is a little epilogue: After reporting it to fiverr, they retroactively cancelled the order. The creator was understandably upset. she said she didnt have power the day before, but that doesn’t excuse the other 2 days of not replying to my multiple messages (which were very polite). Long story short, money back. Creator upset, but honestly- i don’t really care at this point due to the time wasting involved. Fwiw, i wont be using the logo since it ended up not being paid for and I dont play like that.

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Agree with the premise of this thread. It’s really really hard to choose good sellers on Fiverr. A ‘seller’ and a ‘10 times better seller’, receive near about the same kind of reviews. :expressionless:

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That is the part that I do not agree with as well. A seller must respond to messages in a very timely fashion, there’s no excuse for 2 days to pass without a reply.

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