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Bad attitude seller 🙄

The seller first asked me to split the order in 3 orders so that he can get 3 reviews from me.

then forced me to leave the reviews before completing the orders

after that, he started taking nonsense.

then he blocked me


I have contacted Fiverr support and hopefully they will refund the money and remove the reviews.

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If it is as you mentioned, the seller will be roasted :slight_smile:
Although not sure how the seller can FORCE the buyer to do something?

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yes, if seller done as you said. fiverr may banned that seller on fiverr. you’ll get your refund. One question in mind. If you knows, that seller demands is illegal, why do you complaint at fiverr cs on that time?

A seller can’t force you to do anything. If you don’t see the reason for 3 separate orders then find a different seller.

You cannot leave a review before the order is completed.

If the order is in progress then CS will deal with this.


If your work has been delivered, why do you want a refund?

If a buyer who I have never worked with previously requests a large amount of work, I always break orders up into smaller parts. - This is not to get reviews. This is to prevent the likelihood of a scam buyer attempting to charge back on an order.


Were you sending lots of messages to the seller?

No, work was not delivered.

But he told me that he wants 3 reviews from me.

Not at all, I told him that I will report him to Fiverr then he got worried and blocked me.

CS removed the reviews and refunded the money. Seller is still not banned.

Fiverr maybe sent him a warning about it.

In summery.
Buyers can raise a paypal dispute and get their money back
And if seller ask to break orders then he will get a warning or a ban.

I think i got a depression right now

That seller was crazy if he/she did that…

I had a wrost case with a TRS:

I asked for an extra order he said he would tip me instead, and since he was a Top Buyer and Top Seller at the time I though he was trusty… WRONG!

I never received the tip as promissed, and it was not a “tip” it was an extra work.

I talked about it 3 times in the last months, but never received any reply…

Very sad to see a guy that earned more then 20.000 in fiverr and do such thing to me.

But karma will get him.

he seems like a nice guy, you should blur his username :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’d hide the username. Dont know why you saw it. Maybe its a matter of refreshing the page?

Check your image again - the seller’s details are very clearly on there. :wink:

I’ve checked, the username is hidden.

Begins with R, ends with 1 - it’s not hidden! :wink:

And the profile pic is visible as well.

This is the url I used and its hidden. Maybe its a cache problem. It happens sometimes.

That one’s changed, but the one in your hidden post hasn’t.

Like a said, fiverr maybe has a cached system for the image. So Cache problem, not mine.

If the work wasn’t delivered how was you able to leave a review? Or did the seller delivered empty work?