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Bad Behavior from buyer

one of my buyers purchased my 10$ pack and i made 1 logo and 3 alerts for him … but he wants me to change it frequently. i changed the alert animation 2 times but now he wants a different type of animation that is time-consuming…i am sure he is gonna left 1 star for me. what should I do…? i can’t cancel the order because i have already submitted everything what he asked for.


If you want you cancel the order there is a option to cancel the order even after delivery.

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he got everything he want … i have delivered the order… but he didnot accept it yet

Im new so it helped me thank you…!!

yes … this site has full of shit buyer… they can order to create avenger movie just for 5$

Say no to them and explain you have completed the gig. Additional changes will cost more.

but he will give us negative rating thats the prob

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You have to decide what to do here.
There is no magic way to get out of the situation.
Cancel OR refuse to do more OR discuss it with the buyer for a solution. Those are the options.

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Does your gig description include revisions, and if so has the buyer used all his revisions?

At this point you need to be firm with the buyer and explain “You have received the service that you have paid for. The gig description allows for XXX, and you have received XXX. If you wish me to undertake further work then I can create a new custom order for you.”

By taking control of the situation, that is often enough to shut up the morons who deliberately prey on new or inexperienced sellers.

You can’t control whether or not they leave negative feedback, but you can control your time.

I see it might be frustrating but have to work for a living!!! so I dont mind making one…

he is still insisting that he mentioned the new requirements before, i double checked the dms and the requirements page and even the .docx file that he attached and haven’t noticed any similiar stuffs. he applied a review and he is not replying my dms