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Fragglesrock will add 20,500+ real twitter followers to your twitter profile who are active twitter followers within 12hrs for $5


star Ordered from fragglesrock on Saturday, January 26 2013 09:25

Now the user is gone and so are my followers in less the 6 hours was rated 100%. Some people just suck !!! So be on the look out

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The user account you are looking for is no longer available.

Contact support team fast. You will get a refund!


I usually steer clear of gigs like that - fake twitter followers tend to disappear after a while, or as you had happen…very quickly! Twitter is pretty good at figuring out which accounts are fake and they purge them pretty often. There are some great gigs on fiverr from popular Twitter users who will retweet your content - this is better for SEO than lots of followers, so maybe check some of those gigs out!


Will do Thank You


Hi smokesalot,

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Thank You Fiverr team :slight_smile: