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Bad buyer caused me to lose ability to send offers


Thanks to a client, whom I have bent over backwards to accommodate, leaving 3.5 star reviews, I have lost the ability to send offers through buyer requests. Before this client, I had an unblemished 5 stars, now… not so much.

After working on a project for her for a week and regularly communicating, she kept requesting “revisions” and changing her mind/order completely. After going on for a week, as I was getting ready to deliver, she canceled her order. Later, she sends a request for a gig immediately related to the one she’d canceled. In order to complete it, because sellers are not able to refuse gigs without a negative impact, I was forced to basically deliver $200 of work for 20. (Less thanks to Fiverr) I’ve now done 3 gigs for her, changing everything she requests and working through her very unclear instructions, she still refuses to leave anything above 3.5 stars. My work is neat, professional, clear and custom made per order, yet she still refuses to leave a decent review. I just don’t understand how a seller is supposed to grow if they’re penalized for EVERYTHING and buyers like this can do as they please… It is very discouraging to someone trying to chase their dreams with otherwise no accessible means to do so.


You are never forced to deliver $200 worth of work for $20. There’s a cancel button. You CHOSE to do so.


Why did you agree to cancel? Never do this if you’ve done the work.

I definitely would have cancelled more orders from her. You can’t be expected to work endlessly for free or for an unhappy impossible to please buyer.


You shouldn’t bother using Buyers Request anyway, as the kind of buyers (cheapo tire kickers) you are referring too comes from this very place. There are two main reasons I never use Buyers Request. The first one is that the buyers usually are unclear about what they want and if they are, they want everything for free. The second ons is that there is a galore of sellers thinking promoting their gigs makes any sense. BS is a total waste of time.


No worry.

Sometime shit happen.

Keep working - you will get ability soon to send custom offers. All you need to deliver some good work to your new buyers. Maybe after getting 4.8 rating everything would be fine. I know it’s slow down your performance but no worry extra hard work can fix this problem.

2 months back I got super sick and around 8 order in row got cancelled with 1 star rating. It’s took me 2-3 weeks to recover my profile from the loss of negative reviews. But now everything going well.

Again, just focus on work and everything will be fine


If your buyer clearly took advantage of you - you can request a review of the situation by Fiverr Support.

If your seller wasn’t happy with your final delivery, there’s not much you can do. If your seller gets a thrill at leaving these types of reviews, either terminate your relationship with them and CANCEL any new orders from her.

Best of luck.


Its really true. You don’t get good buyer from buyer request, Most of them are confused what they want!


Well, you cannot generalize the buyers from buyer’s request. You just have to do some research on them before submitting your offer. It’s sad that the Fiverr does not show the reviews given to buyers directly so you have work a bit to know about the buyers and make your proposal accordingly.
I myself don’t use buyer’s request much as it is always spammed by sellers but sometimes you can get very awesome buyers from there.

So tip for OP - Find out the reviews received by buyers by doing a search on them.


It was a complete accident. I typed up my reason NOT to cancel the order, but got confused on the buttons and hit accept (thinking I was sending my reply.) There really should be a confirmation message afterward, for cases such as this. (I’d never dealt with a cancellation before then)


Thank you for the tip, I do appreciate advice. Advice is actually what I was seeking, but I was angry when I posted, so it came out more as a rant lol.


Doesn’t that hurt the “orders completed” percentage?


Are the forums a better way to connect with clients?


Yet she refuses to raise your 3.5 review after explaining to here that it’s effect your inability to submit your offer for more work? Wow.

I don’t know why she would even expect you to work with her again. Unfortunately, this individual sounds extremely difficult to work with and very unreasonable. I would let them know I no longer wish to work them from that point forward.

At this point, if you’re tried everything in your power to make them happy (and they’re basically abusing you) and communicated to them the issue with your inability to find more work thanks to the review, I would leave a detailed review of the Buyer in your feedback for the order and give her a starred review that reflects your experience.

I’m sorry about your experience. :disappointed:


Yes, but by doing that you’re proactively eliminating any potential ratings that may harm.


That cancel button is the root of all problem.
If a seller cancels an order his ranking in search results suffers which is unfair when it isn’t his fault or when the buyer is just unresponsive.


It sounds like you offer unlimited revisions. You might want to stop doing that. Set a limit of 1-3 revisions (depending upon the service), and enforce that limit. You have the ability to keep buyers from taking advantage of you… and it starts by NOT offering unlimited revisions. There’s no excuse for agreeing to deliver $200 of work for only $20.

Your should be delivering $20 worth of work for $20. Limits are your friend. :wink:


as i mention before

in time they can request a dispute
this is we called that the “forbidden technique”


This is it, I was really shocked after seeing her reviews and ratings. It says an excellent job with only 3.4 stars. lol


OMG, that must be infuriating. Do buyers not realize how important ratings are on fiverr?


You may ask buyer about rating and also ask for any review or modification on the service you delivered.