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Bad buyer, for which the career will be ruined

The buyer bought me for 10 hours and gave me a target for his work to start with and where to finish, which should be completed in 10 hours, I did the job correctly, which I finished 10 hours ago but the buyer told me to do more, I talked to him about some more work and I finished those works in the right way. Didn’t report any revisions or revisions after the job was delivered. But after giving the review, I saw that he gave me 3 stars, which is difficult to accept.

Everyone will be careful of such evil buyers, If you are not careful, you will ruin your career.

Thank you so much


thank for suggestion…


Well I checked that feedback and it seems very legitimate. Your buyer wrote exactly his experience highlighting things that he liked and things that he didn’t like.
So why not to listen to his constructive feedback and change the way you do things?
He left a feedback with his experience not to ruin your account but to share his opinion :woman_shrugging: I don’t see anything evil in that client’s review.

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I have to agree with @mariashtelle1, the buyer was being VERY clear with the
good points, and bad points. I see no malicious intent, in fact he is being very fair.
Do you notice the things he pointed out?:

“She is eager to get the work done”
“My only concern was that the work was rushed (and maybe not done thoroughly)”

I get the impression that you are eager to do your job which is great, but therefore
tends to rush without spending the necessary time in some areas.
In other words, when you found out that you got the 3.7 rating, you didn’t bother
reading his feedback carefully and just rushed to your conclusion: this buyer is “evil.”

His review seems like a very honest and good one, and very helpful for you for sure.


Too many sellers always expect 100% positive feedback - five stars. But this just isn’t realistic…

While many buyers do leave five star feedback if a job is done okay / well, other buyers choose to offer considered feedback - pointing out not only the good but also what could have been improved.

Think about it, no one consistently achieves 100% in their life.

Your profile is actually really strong, and you’ve got plenty of fantastic feedback from others. I understand why you’re feeling annoyed - but describing the buyer as ‘evil’ is way over the top. They should have asked for a revision before leaving feedback… but that’s life. You’re always going to encounter people like this every now and then.

I’m confident that your account will quickly recover and most people will read between the lines and see that the three star feedback was a bit unfair.


I asked my esteemed client if there was any problem with my work, he answered me no problem, and he did not give any revision, I know how carefully I finished the work, I did not even think of getting such feedback