Bad buyer handle


Would you suggest me how to handle Bad manner buyer. Buyer used ruff ,rude and irritate language to me.

Best Regards


Contact customer service


Whatever you do remain calm and professional. You don’t want the Buyer to use your words against you.


Hi kaiser bhai… i wont suggest you to contact CS as you wont get any benefit from that
please try to be as polite as possible and deliver your work asap!
just get rid of that
but if he threatens you that he will complain against you then contact CS immediately


Send a screenshot of the conversation to CS.


That’s a very bad advice !
The buyer is violating Fiverr ToS.
If you don’t inform CS, you protect this bad buyer.


what else can CS do ?

max is cancel his order to get rid of this!
But that is going to reduce his completion rate
I had been there so i know the thing :slight_smile:


i already contact to fiverr cs but they suggest only block the buyer message. but i need back my m
on ey and continue my order not cancel as my gig will be go down.


yes exactly what i meant kaiser bhaia !


Contact Customer Service.


thz . u know what i feel now for cancelling that job.


if you have a high completion rate then do it ! @kaiser_coder


They may ban this buyer (2 of my buyers have disappeared from Fiverr a few hours after I reported them to CS).
And this buyer will stop harrassing Fiverr sellers.
If you decide to not report this buyer you tell him : go, go, go, you can harrass every seller here.


Keep in mind that a bad buyer never gives 5 star.
You may get a 1 star review, which is not good for your business!

A cancellation won’t affect your business as much as a 1 star review.


So what, it’s not like he’s a level 2 seller. He doesn’t have anything to lose with a cancellation, but 1-star review will be the end for a newbie.


i like ur suggestion, thz once again. carineb