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Bad buyer of the week


Negative feedback today on a gig that’s for the supply of 40 ready made websites. Clue - the giveaway is in the name “Ready made websites”. Buyer has left negative feedback saying that I supplied php files (funny that them being websites and all…) and not text files. Buyer states in negative feedback that they were very hard to convert in to txt files.

Also stated that the content isn’t unique - they were told this prior to purchasing the gig.

Absolutely and totally unbelievable - they have tried converting normal websites into wordpress - of which the gig doesn’t mention text files, blogs or wordpress anywhere in it.

To leave such feedback when they’ve not even bothered reading what they bought makes me one step closer to saying goodbye to fiverr.

Simply unbelievable…


What makes me laugh is that anyone is stupid enough to buy websites with non-unique content. It only takes a minute of research to know that these sites are virtually useless these days! Oh well.