Bad buyer (please help)


Hey guys, I got an order about 4 days ago, and the client never put in buyer requirements, I asked twice, but nothing. I asked again today, but now he responded with "Stop playing games. I placed the order 4 days ago, and your delivery is 5 days. I need it done by today at 11:59PM. I already told you what I wanted (explains requirements)"
That is basicly what I got back, just paraphrased. I never have received any other communication from him, and now he wants it delivered today, even though the countdown does not start until he submits requirements. I responded with a couple of screenshots showing that the countdown just started now, and with a link to a fiverr support article saying that you have to submit requirements before the seller can start work. My question now is, do I risk delivery, or cancel the order. I can deliver by today, I just don’t know if I want to risk it.



Anyone have any ideas?


All you can do is repeat to your buyer that until they submit their requirements via the order, you can’t start the order or deliver it.

If they’re getting a bit funny - sounds like they are - please contact CS.


Cancel the order. its the best idea


The buyer sounds like trouble so your options are:

  • if you can do their job in his timeframe and do it well, then you could do that. When you deliver you could point out very politely again that as the order only started today as they didn’t fill in the requirements you’re doing them a huge favour by delivering in a short timeframe. Keep it professional. No-one likes having their mistakes pointed out to them.
  • you can deliver and ignore that there was any problem, thus avoiding possible conflict
  • you can deliver to the gig’s timeframe after order start, ignoring the buyer’s timeframe (NOT recommended)
  • you can cancel, stating the buyer didn’t provide requirements in time.

My recommendation is that if you can, deliver in the buyer’s timeframe, and don’t mention the conflict. This is the course of least potential problems in my opinion, and would be the most professional.

If you try to cancel they may not accept. If you mention the conflict again, they may get annoyed and leave a bad review.


I think The buyer newbie in Fiverr, You should talk with me and try to understand him it is the system to complete your task you should give me instruction first. Otherwise you should cancel the order.


I just decided to take the first option. Hope I avoid a bad review.



Lmfaoo I would cancel that order and tell him peace out.


“STOP PLAYING GAMES” definitely I will kick him out and cancel the order, RESPECT SHOULD BE EVIDENT IN EVERY ORDER. He seems arrogant to me… But I hope both of you get happy with end results after delivery :slight_smile:


Contact CS immediately and explain the Buyer’s bad behavior. This way if he leaves a lousy review you have built a good argument for CS to remove it.


I have now contacted CS. I will see what happens.


The buyer now wants a revision (the package they selected does not come with any). One of the things they want revised is the spelling. I copied what they put exactly.
I will see what happens with this also.