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Bad Buyer: Threatening Me

So I got a buyer, who paid $1150 for the service (I received approximately 720GBP for the order at the end.)

He has asked for so much extra work acting as if it were in the original scope of the works: but then when I refuse to do them he threatens to contact Customer Support to get a refund.

I’m aware that the Fiverr Customer Support is usually in favour of the buyer but this money was hard earned and I worked about 14 hours every day for 20 days to get it done.



Take a screenshot of the threatening phrases and copy them here so we can check. Remember to hide his username for privacy

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More context? This is just one message and it doesn’t sound like a threat, just usual “answer me or I will call CS”. Where is the rest of this?

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It’s a very long convo: he asked for more and more work and I kept doing it until I felt sick of it, let me see if I can find some more stuff.

@marinapomorac is right, you need to make a summary from the messages. OR you can describe more technically, there are people who work on the same type of project from this forum who can help

It does require more context as @marinapomorac said.

But if answering the same high level as your explanation then you need to:

  1. Write a message to you client. Something along the lines “unfortunately I’m unable to provide more free revisions and adding free stuff to our order. I fulfilled all original requirements and provided you with x amount of free revisions and with x amount of free adds on. All further changes and additional requirements that weren’t part of our original requirements will cost you x$”
  2. Contact fiverr support with a very clear message that you fulfilled all original requirements and even provided free revisions and free adds on. And that your buyer is threatening you to cancel an order if you wouldn’t provide more free stuff. Most likely they will answer to resolve it with your buyer but at least they will be aware of the situation
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May I suggest you raise your prices and extend your delivery time? This kind of workload is not human, if you get ten clients like this at the same time it will ruin your life. You need to earn but you still need to live.

Also the currency change between Dollar and Pound is brutal, so I would definitely think about at least getting paid the right $$ amount for the time you spend on every job, since you’re gonna lose money in the change anyway.

He had a budget, I adapted to it to attract him and other buyers.

@marinapomorac Yeah sorry

I understand.

I’m going to write to CS as professionally as I can.

Already said this to him, his reply was to assert that I was ‘already halfway through the free added features’ so that makes it OK

Stand your ground and reply again that it’s not ok and send a custom offer for an extra amount right away without waiting for their answer

And beat him to it. Contact CS to warn them of possible misuse of the platform and the conversational buyer - seller agreement. Don’t give up!

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