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Bad Buyer vs Nice Buyer


Bad Buyer

There have been few days, one of my gig got good reputation and I started to get some orders.

But then a non sense person showed up, made the order and said all he need to change his logo color.

I did change it for him, but then he claimed that he changed his mind and the logo is of no use for him and he need to cancel the order.

It was not a million dollar order but 10$, i requested him that don’t do it because i already changed the color of your logo which was the proposed job. But that non sense person was not agreeing and then he canceled the order.

Now my gig will go down in ranking and i will suffer because of this.

Nice Buyer

On the other hand there was another a real nice buyer. He ordered a 15$ gig and then mistakenly purchased $25 gig extra.

After then he asked me to somehow refund that $25. I would, but there is no option to do it so I told him that I can owe him that $25 and whenever he needs some more work, I will do it for those $25.

He agreed, showed up few days later and then asked for some modifications in the logo for that $25. I did the modifications and then he even left me an extra $15 tip. He was such a nice guy.

So we can experience such different type of people here. Some feel us good and some make us feel really bad.


you know, it probably isn’t good for business to post about “stupid buyers” and calling them stupid morons in a forum where both buyers and sellers hang out.

I wouldn’t order from someone who seems to have such a distaste for buyers. Remember, in order to earn, it’s generally a good idea not to run off the people who’d buy from you


Thank you for the advice. I was being a little emotional.


Yup true but here the skills of real sellers come, we should have the power to deal with anyone and greet them in a best way…so if the Bad will also convert in good just believe in your self and keep up the top Notch Quality service :blush:


There will be good and bad buyers whatever you sell and wherever you sell it. Fiverr does not have the monopoly on this. Just take every buyer on face value, decide if you want to work with them and work it all out from there. It happens in every business. It is good to rant every now and again. Good luck with the future.


Nice story of your buyers, One think you know what, I have no buyer, not a good or not a bad, I am so unfortunate in this filed. he he he. I wish If I have a buyer and he/she give me some work.


@ahsanhabibsohan Do not worry man, every seller has to pass through this stage. Try try again and also polish your skills. May God help you. Amen


@homeestates I think there must be an option there on Fiverr, which can take care of seller’s gig position when such event takes place where seller has no fault.


Allah Rahmatallil alameen…Ameen


Buyers should be demanding. It is their right to be so as they are ordering and spending their money on us.


Hope we all get nice Buyers :slight_smile:


Yes o! I quite agree with you.


Ahh well well God is there to look upon you :slight_smile: stay blessed


@webdealspro yes it is their right when they make a legitimate demand. It is not fair when seller spends his time, make efforts and finishes the proposed work and then buyers says Oh I changed my mind, this is not working for me, please refund.

That is injustice i believe.


Just for the record, it’s against Fiverr’s ToS for a buyer to cancel because they don’t like the work or changed their mind after the fact. The ToS says, “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.” Even though it doesn’t specify changing one’s mind, it’s pretty clear that if services were rendered per the Seller’s descriptions, the Sale should stand.

It’s too late to do anything about it now, but going forward, I would deny such a Cancellation request and go to CS if the Buyer persists.

  1. $5
  2. $10

As for me both buyers are nice, but the the 2nd one is nicerr


@tee_hi Thank you for this information. I didn’t know this before. I will take care of this next time.