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Bad buyer!

i have client that gave me some task and due to shortage of time i didn’t deliver on time and buyer leave a bad reviews .After this i drop a massage at his inbox . he say to me to send file then i will edit the review and i do the same thing that he wanted . now he gets his work and not edit the review .Now whats i can do .

Not much, you screwed up in the first place. The buyer might have taken advantage of you, but because you were late (did you communicate this to the buyer?), you don’t have any real avenue of complaint. Might be a case of bad buyer, but you haven’t exactly been a great seller on your side.

Best tip for next time, if you are running out of time on an order be honest. Let your buyer know and try to negotiate away around the problem. This has only happened to me once late last year. I contacted the buyer in advance and we agreed to mutually cancel. I then sent the work in a private message a day later and they ordered a gig to pay for it. Of course, you are always going to risk loosing revenues with that approach, but it helps restore faith and good will with buyers and avoids pesky negative feedback.