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Bad Buyers and Review Issue

Hi Fiverr Friends!

Today I met the worst buyer in my Fiverr carrier.

He was asking for a logo update. I did it and all goes perfectly well.

When the bill time comes, I told him about the 3 packages (basic, standard and premium). It was clearly written and described on my gig as well but I guess he just didn’t care to read the packages or description.

He wanted to buy the basic package but also asking for source files. I told him that he can only get PNG+JPG at the basic package so he agreed and purchased the basic package.

I delivered the PNG+JPG as discussed and he gave me a 2.5 star rating.

I was shocked…!

Now due to new Fiverr policy of not showing buyer review, I didn’t knew what he did so I gave him a 5 star review and now his 2.5 is on my profile.

I do not understand why Fiverr not shows the buyer review? What is the logic behind this? Does it make sense to any body?

On the other hand Fiverr is not willing to remove such bad reviews and now you also even can’t have a chance to explain your position in your review to buyer?

Clearly I am confused here!


Sorry to hear what happened. I don’t think the new review system makes sense to any of us. There has been a huge outcry here, so I hope they change it back soon.

On another note, it sounds like you did the work before getting the buyer to place the order? You should always get them to order first. Otherwise, they can run off with your design without paying for it. You want to make sure you’re as protected as possible here :slight_smile:


Yeah, we were discussing it in the inbox. He was pretty happy with the work. I didn’t pushed my rates on him, he panicked when i send him 30$ custom offer… then after chit chat he went and placed 10$ order him self and asked to deliver the PNG/JPG files… He was just planning to give me a negative review some how. I don’t understand how some one can be so mean to some one… Countering such people just ruins your whole day.

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So I talked to Fiverr support team to remove this dishonest review. But instead they gave me warning. Really I am feeling so much disappointed.

What did they give you a warning for?

TOS Violation, because seller ask buyer reviews changes/modification.

Its funny, they said I manipulated the order and asked the buyer to modify the review. In fact, I didn’t asked the buyer to modify the review , I just asked him why he did this? and that he did a very mean thing.

Sellers are not allowed to make buyers feel bad about the reviews they received. It’s considered manipulation.

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I guess you should have never carried the work in inbox. Also you had not done work before letting him know what things he can get! So at some part you also did a mistake. Also because of new policies we can’t do anhything if even we are not wrong that is the worst part.

The only thing fiverr care is money. and the only way to get money is by making buyer happy it doesn’t matter how he communicate with seller.
Fiverr is always in favour of buyer no matter he is wrong or a spam

I think This New system is gets benefits & Loss both depend on us how we take benefit from new Rules.Based on buyer conversation we get Idea that how he will left the reviews and if you feel that buyer will not give good review then we don’t need to give back review this way that 2.5 star will not effect in your accounts & other buyer’s can’t see that 2.5 star review.
Based on new system you can take this advantage.

that will work only for 10 days

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I feel you, this is literally the most nonsensical thing fiverr has rolled out, to date.

I do think that having true reviews is important for sellers that actually want to make it on the long run, but not being able to address the negative points on your reviews will go like this:

  1. Either you stay professional and polite to everyone and of course you look like a fool when someone rates you with 1-3 stars and you say 5 stars, Great experience or something like that or

  2. You really tell the world what you think and you come across as an unprofessional, bitter seller

Both cases do not sell well with future customers.

For now, I refrain from completing the gigs when I see that the buyer is unresponsive or clearly doesn’t know what they want. I did explain to a recent one of mine via the chat, before completing the gig I could not see their feedback. Then asked them if everything was up to their satisfaction.

they were logical and kind enough to respond that all is well. So I guess this is one way to go.

If they never bother to reply to your messages…welp, russian roulette it is.

Really hope they fix this.

why 10 Days ? :blush: