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Bad buyers, and their feedback

if your going to buy a gig don’t go over the top and ask for too much. -_____- Anybody have any advice on what to do with those types of buyers?

Calmly and polietely tell them that this is beyond the scope of your gig, and that if they want a really good professional piece, they should ask another seller, as you wouldnt be able to offer it.

It’s what I’ve done, and seems to work good.

okay, sounds reasonable. What if the buyer is just rude and still goes along and gives a bad feedback . Under the circumstances that they had already ordered the gig.

I’ve had many customers like that. Most of them have been very reasonable after I explained of the limits of my gigs. Some of them were willing to add a gig extra to get what they needed it, and I also curved and add some little extra here and there to keep the customer happy and not be overworked.

Nowadays, gigs descriptions have a bigger word limit. It’s important to be clear of what you can do and what you will do for the $5. Be sure to always refer to the extras if customers want more, and my personal favourite:

“Please ask anything before buying.”

Something happened to me a couple of months ago… I have a gig that takes 10 days to be delivered, at the time I had 5 orders in queue but I had a family emergency, a very serious one and I wasn’t going to be able to deliver on time, I wrote to my buyers to explain I was going to deliver their work very late because of the situation and they all were very cool and supportive, except for one guy that just wrote me a message saying “ok” and when I got to my Fiverr (after a couple of days after deadline) he gave the classic “seller failed to deliver on time” and that brought down my rating to 97% ! And I finished his work and delivered it even with 3 days extra of work to make up for the late delivery…

Just tell the buyer to pay for gig extra, if the buyer demand is more time taking one. If you cannot deliver the work buyer asked, just tell him politely that you cannot deliver that work and if possible give the clear reason so that the buyer will understand you. Be transparent and honest. But remember few things are not in our hand, if the buyer wantedly write negative even after proper communication just pass this message to fiverr people. Hope this helps.

I had a similar experience like seller: hhcr. I was ill and bed-ridden for a couple of weeks. I informed the situation to my buyer and even requested mutual cancellation in case he was in a hurry. He aborted my cancellation request, saying that he’s flexible and willing to wait. Yet, after a few days, he suddenly cancelled my order and my gig got a negative rating.

Well that is something you have to deal with when doing business…different kind of customers are there…We have to treat them politely…But some come with narrow minds…If something goes wrong then you can report that buyer explaining what happened and why you think the buyer seamed irritating…

I have 1 right now that I am now ignoring. He has not bought but I have a list of about 10 questions about how he does not understand what he will get. I have tried to politely explain to no avail. He does want more than the gig & extras provide for. Basically a weeks worth of work for $5. It is not the way I word the gig cuz I’ve sold several with no problems. So I just can’t answer him anymore without yelling :slight_smile:

I faced alot of RUDE buyers the take my services as well ask fro refunds. When i complin to Support they say that we will not remove feedback till they not wan to remove. Fiverr should Give Seller Protection

Yes, once you get a negative, you are entirely at the mercy of the buyer. When you have a hard customer who is not willing to work with you, I suggest not delivering your order and approaching support with what you fear, in most cases they will be glad to cancel that order

i agree we need Seller Protection for sure…

I’m a regular buyer on, i’ve bought many different gigs and in the main it’s a disappointment to be quite honest, i’ve left very little feedback due to the disappointing results, the few gigs that are good, are REALLY good, but on the holl it’s mainly absolute rubbish, from people trying to get sell something for nothing.

If you sellers want good reviews you need to be prompt with your delivery, you need to do exactly what you specified on the gig and you need to be hot on your customer service, that means good quality regular contact, in proper english, not unreadable dribble containing excuse after excuse, or even as one of the sellers above has done IGNORE your buyers! Even if your buyer is a pain in the butt you have to passify him/her or you will end up with negative reviews in the end. As much as it pains you just drown the person in good customer service and he/she will relax a little.

If you’re going to be late on delivery you should temporarily hold all fresh orders, so as not to wind up the other waiting buyers, if you are accepting fresh orders then obviously your not that overworked are you, so think what it would look like from the buyers point of view. If you have a genuine emergency situation i think 99% of buyers would be happy to wait, but they aren’t going to wait forever, so give a rough timescale if they aren’t happy then simply cancel the gig yourself and put your gig on hold.

But one important thing is not to forget Fiverr automatically on the buyers behalf puts negative feedback if the gig is cancelled. Fragglesrock


I have been a buyer for over fifty gigs. I think the service that is offered here on fiverr is a steal. I am very aware of the problems faced sellers as well as being a buyer. The fact is we are getting a deal at five bucks. I think at the very minimum, a buyer needs to be patient number one, and number two, think about what you are getting for such a cheap price and then compare it with the market. My personal complaint against fiverr is that we can not contact you guys directly for bigger and better orders. I have used graphic artist for five dollars and had other gigs that I would have and did pay a 100 times what I paid for on fiverr. I think this should be an introduction to your work and then contract for bigger and better items. Just my two cents worth.

Reply to @williama: what you are getting for such a cheap price and then compare it with the market. I believe that sums it all up.

I’ve given this some thought, and I’m not sure how there would be seller protection without contradicting buyer protection. How would seller protection be implemented without doing this?

please just be fair with $5, if we are buyer, then we know the value of the gig, and if we are seller, just do the best and give a little more to satisfy customer.

This was something that I struggled with a lot initially. I always aim to please but it is important to set limits so they you don’t kill yourself trying to deliver 110%, 120% or let’s face it sometimes 200%. What I did was create policies and then stick to them.

I thought of the common things that people push for and then tried to look at them with my business hat on. I determined a policy, for example on my Video Spokeperson Gig my max words for a single gig is 75. Do you ask for another gig if they submit a 76 word script? Well, technically they should but it feels harsh. So, I set the policy that I let anything under 80 slide (I hope I don’t regret admitting this later), but over that I request additional payment.

You will want to determine what works for you on your policies, but once I made the decision and started handling every situation within the “rules” I had created for myself it took off the pressure.

If you clearly explain what you can and can not due and the customer still seems unhappy then I would offer them a refund. Some will immediately change their tune (because they were just trying to barter you) and others will cancel but they are usually the individuals that would have continued to be difficult even after you bend over backwards for them. At the end of the day, you will have a lot less stress in your life if you let those ones walk away.

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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: thanks

Reply to @caiterz: Yes, well said by Caiterz. You should not ignore seller but should tell calmly that you can not the right one who can do your desired task.