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Bad Buyers Everywhere!

I never used to have problems with buyers before. I have been providing writing services for over a year and never received any complaints or nasty comments. Now all of a sudden I get these rude buyers who are never happy no matter what I do. One guy left me a very rude comment on a gig that I deleted. He said “I’ll pay you $5 never to write again.” Really? He never even asked me for an edit or a refund.

I’m getting discouraged from using this site. If people continue to be this nasty then I think I’ll try to get freelance work somewhere else. The worst part is that customer support doesn’t even care.

Today I got a message and luckily no order whether i was willing to translate a 60k words document within less than two weeks. Upon declining because i do not translate full-time on fiverr the potential buyer asked if i would consider working on the weekend to meet their schedule…

Reply to @adorable_plum: You should have said yes and quoted your own price! :slight_smile: I don’t see why this is an example of a bad buyer or scammer. What would you have done if you had 12 people order 500 words (6000 words total) and you had to do them all in the 4 days you promised?

@russflex Don’t take it to heart. You have plenty of very satisfied reviews and many orders it appears, so you must be doing something right :slight_smile: Hopefully it’s just a run of bad luck that will pass. Unfortunately sometimes you can’t please everyone even if you give it your all.

Today, I received negative feedback from someone who ordered an entire year ago back in April 2013, and just now finally decided that they weren’t happy. Of course now they can come back just because they feel like being jerks. It’s frustrating, but it helps to calmly reply and explain that you offer full satisfaction and would be happy to go the distance to make them happy. I’ve noticed it really helps to try to side with them because there is no winning otherwise. Even though they may not be right, you sometimes have no choice but to kiss their butts

I had a terrible experience with the “buyer” FRAGGLESROCK. from this website


They hired me to write content for their website and when I had delivered, they canceled the gig arguing that the content wasn’t what they were asking for.

After the gig got cancelled because, apparently, here the client is always right, I find out they have published the content I produced and that they didn’t pay for!

Beware of their scheme: they supposedly are a company that produces website content. They outsource it to fiverr sellers, then they cancel after the content has been delivered and they publish it without having to pay for it.

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Reply to @valeriebenguiat: Anytime I write something and then the buyer claims to dislike it, I will immediately post the content on That way if they try to use it on their own website, it will be considered plagiarism by Google. Just make sure you submit the article immediately after you find out there is trouble with the buyer.

I’ve had a flood of orders from bad, rude, uncooperative buyers this month as well. It got so bad I pulled all my gigs.

Reply to @jtengle: Wow and you’re top rated. That must have been a tough decision. How many bad buyers did you have? I had a gig with one positive comment and one negative comment, so that made me feel like it was okay to delete it. I wouldn’t delete it if you have hundreds of positives and only a few negatives in the same gig.

Reply to @russflex: Well, I didn’t delete them. I suspended them for now. I’m hoping this wave of rudeness blows over and things get back to normal. I usually have very good buyers, but this month it all went to hell.

I had 18 orders that I had to cancel either because they were too vague, provided no details or were demanding I provide them with super cheap logos. I don’t even offer logos on Fiverr, so I’m not sure where that came from.

There seem to be a lot of weird/ scammy things going on. Last night, I got a spammy message from a prospective buyers asking me to perform a service that I first of all, do not provide, secondly it involved things that may involve spamming other people with unwanted content and/ or providing my details to the said buyer. Obviously, I do not want to have anything to do with that. I reported/ blocked that user. This morning, I got the same message again?!

What is the use of blocking/ reporting people then?

Luckily they did not order any of my gigs. I would have cancelled right away.

The more you come to the forum, the more you read these type of complaints. It is quite discouraging. Should we blame the buyers or should we blame Fiverr for not providing sellers tools to deal with unruly customers.

  1. Get rid of the modification button or modify it so there are some boundaries. As is, a client can request modification at any time…even months after you completed the gig.

  2. Rating system needs to be revised. It is used by buyers as a weapon to threaten sellers if they don’t do as they ask OR,

    if you don’t get rid of it, make it so that when a seller rates a buyer it means something and carries as much weight as it does when a buyer rates a seller.

    For god sake, at least make it so buyers can not change their rating after a certain time or if they don’t rate you after a certain time, the rating is closed for that gig.

  3. Give sellers the ability to block buyers from buying from them again. If you are around long enough, you will get buyers who come back time after time on the cheap with no conscious at all.

  4. Gives sellers the option of making it mandatory that they have to accept the buyer’s request before they can buy. This could be optional for each gig. Some gigs need this more than others.

Reply to @steveeyes: I think these are all excellent ideas. Now you just need to get someone at Fiverr to notice and agree.

Reply to @valeriebenguiat: You know what’s NOT cool, “Sheriff”? That CS does NOTHING to protect us from such scammers and ON TOP OF THAT we cannot warn others about companies that abuse fiverr sellers. THAT’S NOT COOL.

Reply to @russflex: Your idea is great, thanks, very much appreciated. I can’t believe how people who do that. That’s stealing.

Reply to @steveeyes: The buyers are at fault for being scammers, but Fiverr is the one that ultimately makes A LOT of money from us, so they should protect their underpaid workers, aka, all of us. Honestly, the things people ask from us for $5… and Fiverr doesn’t even allow you yo first evaluate if you WANT to take that buyer. Nope, they hit that Order button, you have to deliver or cancel and hurt your ratings. It’s like we’re hostages.

valerie–you hit the nail on the fiverr head! i want to cancel a spammie order, but every cancellation makes my profile appear as if i didn’t/couldn’t deliver. very frustrating…

@nystrele: do not hesitate to cancel the order. It will be worse showing up of bad reviews from nasty buyers instead. Mutually cancel the job is ok before delivery day. I have this mind inspiration guru that talk bad words when I told him I cannot do what he requested. I mean, isn’t it good that I listed the things I cannot fulfill instead at the end of the day you got something that you dislike??? I watched his youtube telling people how to respect and care of nature and people, yet this is the way he treated me?

Reply to @steveeyes: Yeeeeesssss!!! Please Fiverr, listen to these suggestions!


Every idea I posted above has been posted several times by different sellers here on the forum. That is why it so discouraging to come to the forum and see sellers post day after day how they are being ripped off by buyers and nothing is being done. I feel even worse when a seller asks CS for help and they get done. It really effects my morale when I see sellers post here on the forum about being taken advantage of and nothing is done or changed to protect sellers from being abused by buyers.

What is CS most common answer when you have a problem with a buyer? “talk to them”. I guess CS expects unreasonable buyers (cheats) that are here to game the system to be won over by words. If all it took was words, than buyers would adhere to instructions posted with each gig, but they don’t.

Yes i am also affected some fake buyers

plz aware following fake buyers


FRAGGLESROCK - this guy place 23 orders in same time without any conversation i send lot of message but no response now i doing cancel the all order

I don’t know how to affect my profile :frowning:

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