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Bad Classified 😵 (ANSWERED)

Today One Buyer Ask to Post :mask: Drugs craigslist posting.
:confounded:Are you think It’s Bad Project or not

Please Comment Below. :point_down:

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It would probably violate the Fiverr Terms of Service to accept that gig. Fiverr does not allow illegal services to be bought or sold. I would report the buyer to Customer Support.


It will violate fiverr TOS. Fiverr don’t allow to do any illiegel things. Report the buyer.

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that’s exactly what the moderator just stated.
Why feel the need to keep saying the same thing when it has already been answered by a mod?

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@djwaruna Remember, NEVER feel compelled to complete a GIG order that is out of your element or that breaks TOS. Not worth it!



Dear @fonthaunt

I Reject it .I did not accept

I Block he and Add to review to fiverr CS :relieved: