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Bad client in here

have some bad clients they place an order without discussions and when you contact they don’t reply


It happens.

But did they at least provide you with the order requirements? If you have that, then it should be fine


they also maximum time did not provide a similar order requirement

Well, even though we give them the final product after reading the order requirements they won’t like the final product delivered due to lack of communication between the seller and buyer. that’s my opinion

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Hi there…,

Be cautions…, Maybe is this a SCAM
Samething happen to me before.
Buyer ordered…, just place an image, without any information,
No communication at all until last deadline day.

My huge stupid mistake is, eventhough i didn’t have any information and buyer not commucating at all, i try to deliver the order based on the my gig description.
On the last hour after 3 day delivery deadline…, this buyer suddenly accept my delivery and leave me with 1 star rating…, saying “Didn’t do right”. AND Disappear again…

so…, Better to contact CS to cancel this project if you want to avoid 1 star rate.


You don’t always need communication if the order requirements are provided properly here. I guess it depends on the type of work you offer. In my case as a writer, if the order requirements are provided, I can deliver without even talking with the customer, since the requirements are there. It might be on a case by case basis, who knows.


yes. many seller face this problem.
fiverr should change this system direct order accept
it should be, an order will not accept until the seller accept this

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Yea I guess you are right I am a graphic designer

Yes…, i’m agree
So Seller can have better protection against SCAM Buyer.


I also experience with these type of client

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In some cases, a few days after you sent a Buyer Request to several potential buyers. One of them might come back and placed an order without a message. Because they already listed their request in Buyer Request and assure that you already read them all before sending your offers.

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