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Bad conversion rate

About 5 months ago, I created a logo designing gig. I have been getting a lot of traffic, but no sale. I only got one sale but I had to design an infographic, not a logo. I don’t know what is happening. I tried twisting the description, images, title and I even created a video. But nothing happens. In the last 30 days, I got over 1k impressions and about 120 clicks (I think that’s a good amount). But my conversion rate is bad. Please, can you give me some advice and tips to improve my gig?
Hope you have an amazing day!
Thank you!

I’m not someone working in the graphic design field, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Your title describes selling logos, but your URL and package descriptions both say infographics, which might be confusing to a client.

Your information is good, but might be a little dense. What I mean is that something like:
“There is a reason why huge manufacturers and brands choose a minimal and simple logo. The interest span of modern-day society has decreased dramatically. Your logo needs to be identified in less than a second. I’m right here to leave out all needless elements and construct you a simple logo that packs an effective and powerful message.”

There are many reasons why huge manufacturers and brands choose a minimal and simple logo:
-The interest span of modern day society has decreased dramatically.
-Your logo needs to be identified in less than a second.

You mention how attention span has been decreased, but you might also have to play to it!

In addition, though your samples in your gallery are quality, I would personally lead with one of your more visually interesting designs (Mundo is my favorite) and split them up so there are one or four per page instead of the nine–at that size they’re small and hard to see, and too many images together can get lost.

I hope this opinion helps you!

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Thank you so much, Josh! I will make the changes right now.

Good luck with Fiverr :wink:

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A little question: how can I change the URL?

Thank you :grinning:

Can’t change url, must make a new gig for new url

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Am I mistaken, or can this be changed by editing the SEO title of your gig in the Edit Gig page? It works for me in VO, but I don’t know if it is the same for graphic design.

I’M WRONG IGNORE ME please thank you. Oops. :x


yes, and much better to create the new gig for new url, now.

I did this for a gig after getting like 9 reviews on it and it has slowed myprogress greatly on that gig

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