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Bad customer gave me an unfair thumbs down - what can I do?

The gig in question is here:

If you look at the gallery’s real sample, it concerns the wasp painting.

His request was a “real looking wasp”. Basically, I worked my ass off and then the seller said “I forgot to mention, I need it from this viewpoint”. So I just redid it from scratch. Then he got angry at me for the colours I had used - something else he had made no previous comment about. But I changed the colour.

He insulted me and said I had poor communication… and gave me a thumbs down that frankly shocked me. It is one of the best designs I ever made!

At first, I wanted to let it go, but it kept me awake at night.

I really feel like I do not deserve this, and that a moderator could easily see the effort I put in and how the miscommunication was on the buyer’s part. I couldn’t figure out where to contact support about this (because the order is already completed), can you help me?

Having a similar issue myself! I sent in a ticket to customer service to explain that the buyer who left me a negative feedback did so because he wanted something included with his purchase that I do not offer. You might consider doing that same. It’s very frustrating to work so hard and still get the thumbs down! I feel your pain. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: just finished submitting the request! Thumbs crossed now. Thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile:

Reply to @traxie2001: It leaves you with a bad aftertaste, doesn’t it? Luckily most clients are very positive and happy to cooperate. :slight_smile: I also contacted support, here’s hoping that we both get help quickly!

Everywhere you go, a couple of people will always be jackasses and such apparently, no matter who you are, no matter what you do sigh Been undergoing some similar case as well recently. Some clients are just poisonous people and you can’t change that, but customer service was really great and helped me out. Good luck!

Reply to @dreadknight: Great to hear that your issue got solved by customer service! It’s uplifting for me as well :slight_smile:

Wow. Just, wow. I don’t know WHAT the h*ll is wrong with that nasty customer, because that graphic is lovely. Sounds like he wanted to get it for free by wrangling a refund? But then didn’t ask for it? Honestly, it’s confusing but something is just wrong with that buyer. Keep pushing CS, but if for some reason that negative feedback doesn’t get removed, at least the picture is there for anyone to see how great it is!

I just read your post and out of pure curiosity went and took a look at your design. It’s sooo pretty and awesome, how can anyone give that a thumbs down? On the other hand, taste is something subjective and not everyone finds the same drawing appealing. But still, given the effort you’ve clearly put into it and how the customer acted…

I just joined Fiverr recently but I hope I never get these types of clients (although I’m well aware that’s a hrs to dodge bullet).

Hang in there, and I hope Customer Support fixes this unfair thumbs down.