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Bad Customer Support

I have forgot my security question’s answer. Then I asked for help to customer support but they told me to remember the answer. If I am able to remember that, why I will ask for help to customer support?

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You must understand that if Fiverr would help change the security question/answer, any hacker would have the power of accessing any and all Fiverr accounts and steal money - wouldn’t be the first time it has happened, hence why Fiverr has taken security matters quite serious lately :wink:

You should not make a security answer too complex until you forget it, and not use symbols to make it look like a password (the security question/answer should not be a password, you already have a password), because the security answer must be simple just like the security question itself (and the security questions were made for you and only you to know them)

So I don’t think Customer Support is to blame here :wink:


I cannot stress this enough jogging your :running_man: memory :brain: works! Get a piece of paper and :pencil2: jot down any clues pieces of a puzzle to slowly put it back together.


Excellent customer support!

Much better they expect you to remember your security details than giving them out to somebody who may only claim to be you,

Now find that scrap of paper, you know, the one that’ll be under your keyboard somewhere, where you wrote it all down, and you’ll be fine! :wink:


The whole point of having a security question is that only you know it.

The only time I’ve been asked for it is when I changed my phone number.


What i believe this is an earning source, for many people, if you cant maintain a diary then try to main sticky notes, it will help you and will build a good habit