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Bad customers!


So I just wanted to share some experiences with extremely impolite and inconsiderate customers.

The first one … self explanatory! I replied to them & offered to cancel the order and guess what happened, I got an account warning, cause apparently I was IMPOLITE even tho my response was very professional, avoiding any insults or impolite words!

Second one - delivered order, asked for a modification … did an entire redesign for this customer which they were happy with, then got another modification request (I have 2 included in a $5 order) did that modification as well (1 day before the deadline). then got this message “Still not happy with it, please cancel the order” even tho the previous message for the last modification clearly stated that they were happy with it!


Long live Fiverr


Reply to @bachas85: You sure love your apples. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @bachas85: I usually deliver 20% quality to avoid people tricking me, and if the person is a normal client … they’ll get the 100% quality when the order completes!

After a while you learn new tricks to avoid letting people take advantage of you :slight_smile: