Bad Day on fiverr!


Another Bad day for me .Fiverr Denied my all main gigs .I have 30 reviews on my main gig that is denied by fiverr .Do not know why fiverr denied my gigs and they can not restore it still. Now i create my 2 new gigs ,Do not know what they do with my new gigs .Fiverr also give me warning :sweat: !!! Now i feel look like a new seller ,Because no reviews on my new gig . I worked very hard on my old gigs .

They said you use fake design on gig ,But i have my own logs and my gig!!!

They disappoint me really !!!


I’m sorry to hear that, although, they don’t delete all of the gigs from an account without a good reason. And I am 100% certain that Fiverr had a good reason. My guess is that you were breaking the rules clearly listed in the Terms of Service in some way, and Fiverr caught you doing it. They likely denied all of your gigs as a result.

The number of reviews that you have does not make you immune to the consequences of breaking the clearly-listed rules.

Fiverr would have told you why your gigs were removed, either in a special message, or in your basic response to your support ticket. Fiverr always has a valid reason.

It sounds like you continued to break the rules, and Fiverr warned you not to do that. If they gave you a warning, then they most certainly told you what you were doing wrong. What did they tell you in the warning?

Really? It sounds like Fiverr thinks you were using stolen images to represent your work in your gig. It’s not hard to determine when images belong to someone else.