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Bad Experience (Need HELP)

HI !
I just lost hope to work on fiverr because of recent incident :frowning:
i am working on fiverr for almost more than 3 years !
I got blocked from using customer support ticket !
I lost my gig which is in denied(the main story) which had too many reviews and good numbers of order there ! the only purpose to work on fiverr was because of this gig ! now i have to recreate my gig and start from scratch means i have to again work for 3 years to get some reputation ! because reviews are the main factor because there is too much competition !
I lost level two
I got final warning :frowning:

fews day back i got an order to help a person on my gig on which i dont provided/sell that assignment/work(like my gig was for providing website security) and the order i got was to help a student in his assignment(again just helping the person to do assignment which was security related)
so then the person marked the order as i helped him ! he was happy and he understood what he wanted to know ! left feedback and gone !
next day i saw his account is block and order is canceled :open_mouth: i was first shocked
and then i thought he contacted fiverr support and said something and they canceled the order
and the person cheated me(i thought like that because i know no reason what just happened)
so i contacted Fiverr support and said this person cheated me i did my work and order is canceled what is the reason for this ? when you do the work you get paid !
and next day my gig went in denied section :frowning: i lost level 2
blocked in customer support(I cant use customer support now) !
and got final warning

What just happened made me shocked ! like what just happened ? what i did ?
fiverr was a source of earning for me that why i was working on this platform for last more than 3 years :frowning: :frowning:
Any suggestion or any Advices ? Need help !
i want to continue with my gig :frowning: i just learned the lesson i will never help someone for assignment !
even though that order is already canceled :frowning: i didnt get any money ! but why the gig got denied :frowning: ??

First of all take a deep breath.
You can’t know what will happen in the future. For example, I lost my level 2 and then lost level 1 level (both times cuz of silly clients who ordered then cancelled for no reason). And I’ve earned more $$ while I was level 1 and “new seller” (after years here).

It sounds like they denied your gig because fiv doesn’t allow paying to have someone do your homework. And even if you were only teaching/tutoring/helping – they just deny gigs without looking into it. They also randomly deny gigs for no logical reason.

Fiv should always be moonlighting work, because sellers just can’t rely on fiv being fair.

If you help anyone with anything related to assignments you’re pretty much screwed.

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i didnt knew about that :frowning: that this type of this is their for this !
but i never think of selling something like this or my gig purpose was not that either :confused:

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:frowning: yeah i am just upset ! i cant do anything !
fiverr support member or anyone from fiverr read these posts ?

= ?
(20 characters in a play by Shakespeare)


didnt get your reply o.O

You can do something–
1 Create a new gig
2. Don’t use any prohibited words like homework, assignments, etc.
3. Make it clear in the gig description that you are offering tutoring and nothing more.
4. Wait for orders and get the word out there about your new gig (same as before)

i see :frowning: :frowning: from scratch !
i thought there is any possibility to reopen my current denied gig as i already dont have any sort of assignment word or homework in description !

fiv is adamant about resurrecting denied gigs. Starting a new gig is ur only choice. But like I said in my first message here–it could be that your new gig will get lucky, algorithm-wise, and you’ll get more orders than before. Who knows?


Hi,u joined the fiverr in 2013 or 2015.just forgot.but yours profile description say u r new on fiverr.atleast updated yours profile.@mae_creativity

OWWWW SO big I will finish read it tomorrow. Can anybody give me a summary of the whole thing :sweat_smile:

read the above line before Main story you will get the thing :frowning:
and its not that big :confused: i wanted to explain the situation :confused: