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Bad experience on fiverr. what to do with such kind of buyers?

it never happens with me one of buyer ask me to write an article on his website about his products i deviled it before the time he did not accept the delivery although he came online many times when it accepted automatically he gives me negative review by saying that there were mistakes in the article. i rechecked the article there was no mistake. i request him as you did not feel happy from my service but i can help you can tell me what mistakes you have found. then he said there were no mistakes he has an issue with sentence structure but I also did not found any mistakes in it as well. throughout the conversation he was very nice i did not even feel that at the end he will do this with me with a lame reason.

The buyer’s feedback says there were spelling mistakes in the article. Have you checked it using Grammarly or another spellchecker to see if this is the case?

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the only mistake was his company name. how i can change his name of company? when i told him this is your company name then he said he did not found spelling mistake he have issue with sentence structure.

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yes i checked it on Grammarly

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Grammarly is a great tool to check for glaring grammatical errors. However, it’s not the best at detecting/pointing out sentence structure errors.

Do you realize that your forum posts are riddled with many grammatical and sentence structure errors? I can only assume that your articles were written in a similar style, as reflected in your forum posts.


The sentences may be grammatically correct from a formal point of view, in the sense that they don’t violate any grammar rule, but they may be worded in a way that, realistically, wouldn’t be used by a native speaker.


You honestly shouldn’t be writing. If your buyer gave you a bad review it is probably because your article was littered with mistakes.

Reading your post here, I’m actually shocked that your buyer didn’t go straight to CS.

If I were you, I’d quit while you are ahead and look for something different to offer. Sorry to be blunt, but… Well, sometimes you just need to be.


yes you are right. thank you

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If you want to improve your command of English, you could work through Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in Use. It’s a workbook aimed at intermediate-level learners. You can actually borrow a copy for free on the Open Library site.

The book will teach you about tense, aspect and prepositions, which seem to be three areas of English you haven’t mastered yet.

Any major college website should have a print out to help you with English orthography, which is just a fancy way of saying spelling, punctuation and capitalisation.


thank you for your suggestion.

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It would be best to not offer a writing gig as this is probably going to happen more and more if you continue. You are not able to write correctly but seem to be unaware of that. I am letting you know this as a service and not to be mean. I hope you take it as it was meant.

This was meant in response to the op and not cyaxrex.


yes i need to work on it. thank you

yes, I found many mistakes in my text. but at that time i was feeling emotional because i did not face this situation before in last 8 orders and at that time person did not notice his/her grammar just expressed my emotions. anyways thank you for your remarks and suggestions.

You can’t depend on grammarly. I see you at first wrote something, then apparently ran it through some kind of correction software. Yet there was such an abundance of errors it only caught a fraction of them.
Your sentence structure itself is mangled.


Sometimes things depends upon the mindsets. If the client’s communication was good then it is possible that you made any mistake which was not acceptable by the clients mindset…

You might’ve not experienced that before because I assume not all of your buyers were native speakers.


now you will be surprised to know that all of my buyers were native speaker except this. :slightly_smiling_face: but as buyers are always right so might be I will be wrong.
and people who rely on grammar software did not get order again and again especially from native speakers anyways thank you all for your too much positive feedback.

All your buyers were native English speakers and liked your writing? And they found no mistakes?


No it is not that customer is always right. Many times they are also wrong but since they can not recognize their mistake, they argue, but in your case you were wrong, you have even gramatical mistakes in your messages. So we are supposed to accept our mistakes, its the only way to correct yourself, and better to accept it rather than committing the same thing again and again. Often people consider themselves to be perfect whereas their consition is like a toad living in a well, who thinks he has seen the whole world and knows everything, but infect there is a huge world beyond the bounderies of the well and his knowlede is limited.