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Bad experience today

My best-selling gig has almost died. Then I had edited my gig and change my gig image. As a result, Fiverr was denied my gig. I’ve contacted the Fiverr support team they give me excellent service. I gave them proof. Then I got my gig back within 5days.
But My gig impression is 0. I didn’t get order at Fiverr. Then today I deleted my thumbnail image and don’t add any new image. Today I got Denied gig notification again.
This corona affects my business and also I’ve faced this error. I’ve not enough money to face this situation. I think I will die not corona but sure for money


Hay don’t be depressed. Keep traying and just never give up. Wish you luck


Why did you change your best-selling gig at all? If it works, leave it. And why would you think the system will approve gig without images when you optimally need to have three?

What compelled you to do this?

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Did they say the reason why your gig was denied? Or what do you think caused your gig to be denied ?

If you are getting 0 impression in your best selling gig, I would suggest you to reach out to CS again and ask them to re index your gig…

Some time when you edit gig fiverr throws your gig out of its search index ( that should be system error ) and they need to re index it back to make it visible in search result, So go and inform them and it will get you back on the track !

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I didn’t get much order at my gig, that’s the reason I did

Don’t be depressed, just hang in there and keep your hopes alive. Things will work out for your good.

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thanks so much for your advice

always have patience, Don’t be depressed, just hang in there and keep your hopes alive. best of luck.

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keep tryimg and never give up

You are welcome @wowgraphique

Keep trying , never give up. Just hang in There and keep patience.

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