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Bad Experience using Fiverr

I started on Fiverr for the $5 gigs. Not much for some of the work that is advertised. I have some positive and some negative experiences. What prompts me today to start this topic is the following:

I ordered a gig to translate a document from English to French. 650 words for $5: that is pretty low. What I would expect is that somebody would use on online tool to do the grunt work, then re-read for the obvious crap that comes out of these tools. The end result should be something readable by a French person without him/her thinking: this was written by a total ass.

What I got was a translation 100% straight out of bing translate. No mods. I didn’t even feel like asking for a review. I went straight to dispute. The dispute took me 2 minutes to fill in. The seller accepted the dispute cancellation within the following minute (!!!), so I got my money back (although without the service fee?)

Naturally I noted the experience as a single star (unacceptable). Returning to the seller’s gig, it is still rated 5 stars amongst 1400 buyers. How can a seller who is obviously swindling buyers keep a 5 star rating??

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So you cancelled the order then left a review?

Yes. Ugly, but in this case I found it warranted

Or left a one star review which you then got a refund for?

If you cancel the order before it’s completed you don’t actually rate it. :wink: You just leave private feedback. :wink: And that’s the problem with the system - in this case, clients like you, who sees the scam (or not, I don’t know what was written in gigs description) cancel the order, but those who just want their text in French and they have no idea about French, then probably think it’s great and rate it 5 stars. :wink:

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Did you leave a review for everyone to see, or a private review?

You can’t leave public review if you didn’t complete the order… :wink:

Probably like Matevzs1 wrote: I am a noob.

But just to be clear:
The order was cancelled
Then I rated

Ok then it was a private one, or did it show up on his public reviews? I’m just saying that if it was private no one sees it.

amm, no you’re not a noob, why would you think I said that? :roll_eyes:
I would probably do the same thing as it’s my money. I just wrote why he’s still 5* rated.

what was written in the gigs description: you have a point. on the other hand, I did not expect the world either. As a buyer, when I read “translate to french”, I expect “something to be readable by french people”. When I read “make a software program”, I expect a program that is parseable in Java, or compilable in C. Not a mix that is unusable.

Those who can’t read French would probably be impressed and rate 5 stars: absolutely true, and that is what is wrong with this system. The Fiverr organization should moderate this type of seller.

don’t step on my noobness! :wink:

hehe, yea, I totally agree with you :smiley:. As I said before, I would cancel the order immediately too as French means grammarly correct text (ok, as it’s cheap, I would expect simple words usage and grammar mistake here and there, but still French, not some mix of Googles AI). That is why I always read description, because I saw gigs that were so stupid, that I couldn’t believe my eyes that something like that exist. :smiley:

Translators use tools to do a machine translation first. and then you manually go through every sentence (There are some good tools to ease your workflow like that). After this you do a proofread and grammar check.

If it’s a literal translation then you can be sure of it that it’s not right and you should indeed open a dispute.

That’s how it should be yea :stuck_out_tongue: For $5 I don’t think anyone will do it (maybe new seller who just wants reviews), but at least machine translation + manual check for logic sentences would be in place. :slight_smile:

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They do. When you leave a private feedback, it’s for Fiverr staff; one negative private feedback won’t mean much, but if others complain in the same way you did, staff will keep an eye on that seller, possibly warn him, or, in time, ban him.

Not every translator does that (actually, none of the translators I know do that, but then again, none of them work on Fiverr). I have translated 10 books, and I’ve only used online translators as a dictionary, if I wasn’t sure what a certain word meant.

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It’s more of a reference. I actually use 3 screens, original, machine translation, and manual translation and edit it side by side. I feel it’s more efficient that way :slight_smile: