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Bad experience with a fraud buyer

Had a bad experience with a fraud buyer, before I start her work, I asked her many time that is there any specific design or sample on her mind, she can feel free to tell me, I always at her service, but she didn’t give me any sample design, after, I complete her full design work, she gave me a sample and asked me to create a new design, I said “okay, no problem my friend”, Again I create a new design, after, I deliver her work, she again gave me another sample to create a new design, Again I modified her design exactly she wants and deliver it carefully, then she downloads my design and suddenly she sends me a cancelation order, I mutually accept her cancellation but she mentions that I was delivered a poor quality design which was a big lie. That’s not the perfect way to work with anyone, We are the hard-working, skillful designer, So, every buyer should respect our hard work If my working skill and quality are poor how can I be a LEVEL ONE seller with 22, “5 start reviews”… I always care about the quality of work, Money is not everything to me my work is my pride, I always provide high-quality work to my every buyer, now my compilation rate become 100 to 93… I feel very disappointed for her behavior… how can I increase my compilation rate? Is it possible to fix it and make it 100 again?


Get rid of “unlimited revisions” in your gigs. This attracts scammers.

Yes, and yes. It may take two months (60 days, at worst), but you absolutely can recover from that.


Thank you so much for the valuable reply my friend… :slightly_smiling_face: