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Bad experience with a seller- tuneman

Hi guys

im new at Fiverr, and maybe i dont understand how it work or someting but i would never expect to get this kind of response from a seller.

Unfortunately english is not my first languge and the seller Tuneman dont care so much about it.

This our convertion:


We mainly do headlines and taglines, so if that is what you seek, we’d be able to help!

19:58 JUNE 25, 2015


and what will be the cost? and how long it will take?

11:00 JUNE 26, 2015


Everything we do (and don’t do) is in our gig description.

Thank you in advance for reading it!

If it’s not understandable, we are probably not the gig for you - again, we do headlines and taglines

11:24 JUNE 26, 2015


Im so sorry that english is not my first languge! keep up is the attitude you will reach far.

Have a nice weekend

I get dozens of messages per week asking how much and how long. It’s all right there on the page. If you can’t read the English description on my page, you won’t be able to read my English answer. This seller answered in a friendly tone and was honest with you. If you can’t read his English, you aren’t going to work well together.

If it were me, I wouldn’t have answered at all.