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Bad Experience with an order

Hi,Hope all is well with u kind peoples.So,I’ve reach out here now.I recently had a bad experience with one of buyer on Dj logo design gig
Delivery was on time without any delay.I’ve delivered the work to buyer on time.(i got notification from fiverr were saying that buyer cancelled order coz of late delivery). Buyer said to me that he want to see more designs.I was working on his project sudden,I saw he left the rating.After leaving rating.He also cancelled the order.Order was cancelled & I was unable to leave my experience.After some days I got a notification saying that the buyer had left 1 star review.I checked my profile…Review is appearing both sides gig and profile & it is badly effecting my career.Buyer really cheated me & it is rule that if buyer 'll cancel order he won’t be able to leave rating…but with me he cancelled order,took various design concepts from me and also left a bad review…im really worried about :confused: What to do now.Anyone here? If i’m wrong plz fix me…don’t really know what happened


Is there nor any way i can get rid of that review?

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How about you try explaining this to fiverr CS. Its quite unfortunate that fiverr choose to place buyer above sellers.


I’ve contacted CS…but they closed the request…It is not solved


So sorry about that. just don’t allow it slow or draw you back. keep pushing and deliver top notch service that will earn you 5 stars to cover up the bad review

Did you deliver after the order marked as “late”? If you deliver on time buyer can’t cancel it by him/her self without going through CS
. :thinking:

Delivery was on time!

May be you should write to CS again. As per my experience if you made the delivery on time buyer can’t cancel it without opening a dispute for another reason like poor quality etc. There will be an option for you to accept his/her dispute. If buyer go through CS then they can’t leave reviews. Something is wrong I think

Buyer had also cancelled his order.Funds return back to buyer…Also,he left bad rating…

this happen 2 months ago?

yep,Im trying to get it solved…But still it is on my profile

This happened since September?

yes mam,It happened in September

hmm I don’t think writing again to CS will help then. You should let it go and try to earn some good reviews so this go down and your overall rating will become good

This is just what I was talking about, fiverr really need to review their considerations for buyers, placing buyers above sellers make many buyers use that means to treat sellers wrongly… its very bad I must say

Its a deliberate act from the buyer. so sorry about that

I checked your profile. You have good reviews on your profile now. Don’t think about that now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well,U r right…This buyer really cheated me hardly :worried:
and when i tried to type for telling truth to public portion…It didn’t let me to share.

It is badly effected my career.Well,
Thank you so much for your time…Wish a lot of success!

Thanks,But my career is not like before.
Hope it’ll be on normal soon…Thanks for your time.
Wish u a lot of success!