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Bad experience with Fiverr Support Account Under Review

This is my Fiverr profile ! with 374 amazing reviews rating of 4.8

there was one buyer who asked for a revision sending his new logo to be replaced in the graphic asked this and nothing more which can be seen here

After that, I quickly replaced the new logo he provided and delivered the revision within 5 hours after seeing his request on January 18th.

On 27th Jan buyer left a review clearly stating that, “I didn’t do which he asked me to do”. as we remember he only asked for a logo change.

The buyer contacted me and left this message after leaving his review. I replied can you show me where you asked me to make that change can you prove it with a snapshot your review is unjust.

after that without me asking the buyer to change his review buyer offered to do it

after that i fixed the typo mistake COMAPNY to COMPANY and he also asked for some other changes as well all done within minutes.

Second-time after that buyer said that he will change his comment

Third-time buyer said he will fix the review

after I did rapid changes for the buyer I sent him a reminder asking to please fix his review and buyer asked how and I told him to visit Fiverr support

what Fiverr customer support did is that they didn’t waste 2 minutes to read above and started reading from the bottom and disabled my account.

I didn’t make anyone hate Fiverr I satisfied everyone for many years and what justice I got. I completed paid courses took exams to make my profile strong they can’t just lock me out for reminding my customer of something he promised 3 times.

My current ratings: Response Time 97% Order completion 100% delivery on time 100%

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But you still asked the buyer to change the review, which is not allowed in any case. So that’s why it is under review. Maybe you will get a warning even if you are right or maybe not, I really don’t know. But you will not lose your account, don’t worry on that. Yes, sometimes it is not complete justice but we actually don’t know what your buyer mentioned to the CS.

I’ll suggest to not take the heat on anyone especially your buyer and wait for an update.


its not a fault of buyer its Customer Support team they can’t see who made me say it… buyer put those words into my mouth by constantly saying it 3 times will fix it… i hope justice prevails.

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Oh Please stop blaming your buyer. You still did it, you still said it. No one asked you to “remind” him to change a review and on top of that you should also know the rules and that it’s impossible to change reviews and there was no point of asking him that.

P.S duplicated topics are not allowed on this forum.


first you told me to hide the name of buyer and blocked my post now when you don’t have a reason to block you are saying its a duplicate post… find a better reason to block this post

I’m not blocking anything :woman_facepalming: What you need to do is to use a pen icon on your original post, remove links and upload new photos without buyers name to the original topic. That’s it.


I feel very sad to hear your experience ! :disappointed:
but you were well known that once an order is completed and rated then fiverr CS is unable to remove or edit the feedback placed on the order.
probably you took a risk but that was a bad decision !

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“Please fix my review.”

This isn’t a bad experience with Fiverr Support. Your broke the ToS and are mad they are penalizing you for it.

Follow the rules and then you won’t have to worry about it and won’t feel the need to try to make Fiverr look bad for enforcing their rules.


sorry, i am not that much experienced with how to link things here and there.

i didn’t ask my buyer at all to change his review he kept saying it he said it on 3 places and when he got all i thought it will be good to remind him of his promise.

LOL yes you did. I was quoting you.

“after I did rapid changes for the buyer I sent him a reminder asking to please fix his review and buyer asked how and I told him to visit Fiverr support”

Policy is policy. It doesn’t apply only when you want it to. You asked for a review, which is not allowed, and Fiverr penalized you for it.

Just because the buyer offered initially, that doesn’t give you a free pass to ask for it without penalty.

“your review is unjust” That is also not allowed.


By saying “your review is unjust” that was when you mentioned the review. He had to respond to that.

Don’t even mention the review at all for any reason no matter how unjust it is.

And I didn’t make that rule, so don’t bother explaining to me what’s wrong with it.

You also can’t do this. They have banned accounts for this.


My account is disabled … tell me is justice done ? answer in yes or no… don’t make fun of me

You broke the Terms of Service you agree to when you sign up.

Fiverr enacted the penalty stipulated in those terms.

So YES it is justice.

Justice isn’t breaking the rules and getting away with it. If you don’t like the rules, don’t use the service.

It really is that simple.


a person places order with you and you deliver after 6 days he leaves a bad review saying you didn’t make changes and you are lost thinking what did he ask that i didn’t change. then you definitely will ask buyer hey that was unfair unjust.

It’s not a matter of justice. It’s a matter of violating a rule and paying the price.

It’s one reason I’m on the forum all the time, so I am aware of rules that might not be too clear otherwise.


No I definitely will not! Because I know the rules about this and what can happen.


Leaving a Buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a Buyer. Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations of our Terms of Service.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Check out this article: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said

Many sellers have complained on the forum that they got a warning because they asked for a review.


I feel really sorry for you, I only can imagine how it feels to loose your account.

however that means that you also had other warning and this wasn’t your first one because fiverr doesn’t disable accounts after first warning unless its asking for payment outside of fiverr.


My account is limited i can only deliver the orders in queue … its not just a warning! account is inactive url is not working fiverr customer support is shutting down my account for this mistake. in future i will never listen to any buyer after they have closed order with a bad review. in reality the review was not so bad because anyone could understand reading that review that buyer didn’t communicate well… customer support told me that i manipulated the buyer which is a false allegation because i may have done a mistake by reminding buyer of his promise but i never manipulated him.