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Bad experience with fiverr


I DON’T KNOW the reason why fiverr cancel my order. this mail fiverr sends me (Your order with (buyer name) was canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank.
The funds from this order were automatically returned to the buyer)

fiverr cancel my all order which I did with this buyer. and I send this all mail to my client. MyFclient told me they don’t cancel my any order and also fiverr cancel this buyer account. ( she is my Facebook client).

can you please help me. and solve my problem


Same thing happened with me it’s paypal charge back only buyer can do your buyer get all work for free I will recommend you to contact Cs and tell them your story hope you will get funds back.


Same case here with me the buyer is threatning to report me if i don’t refunded him to paypal


cs solve your problem


Contact CS immediately if you haven’t done so already, and report that buyer for ToS violation.

Why would that buyer report you, anyway?

If the client was refunded and their account disabled, your client almost certainly did a PayPal chargeback and is lying to you (unless they were using a middleman and it’s the middleman who did the chargeback).


i can’t contact cs when i message, they said please try again,


please help me bro how to i contact cs


Don’t call random strangers “bro”, or any other term indicating that you’re close. I’m definitely not your brother :rofl:, nor are we related in any way.

As for contacting CS, you can try to submit a ticket here:

If that doesn’t work, you can send them an email: