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Bad Experience with fragglesrock- Very Unprofessional - Negative Review

I placed an order with Fragglesrock, who answered to one of my "Request A Gig"s. My order, placed on 01:22 JANUARY 05, 2015, was an attached file with specifications and parameters to a specific graphic for a website. I gave him the freedom to use his creative talents with a design of a theme for Mardi Gras.

Time went by, and I would have thought he’d at least question the order, so I dropped him another line at 12:46 JANUARY 07, 2015. No response. I sent in another message to him at 17:01 JANUARY 07, 2015. Again, no response. 3rd message was sent at 07:42 JANUARY 08, 2015, which was actually past the due date. I received no response. 4th message, giving him an actual deadline time and told him that I’d initiate the cancellation.

At 10:55 JANUARY 08, 2015, he decided to finally respond with “I like to cancel this. Thanks.” I accepted.

Not having the satisfaction of leaving a negative review to his gig, as I suggested I would do in one of my messages to him (refund voided that), I sought to post here. Had he simply responded to one of my messages that he had no intention(s) of fulfilling this order for whatever reason, I’d have more respect for him and this review would be less harsh or perhaps not even made. What infuriated me the most was the fact that I initiated the conversation regarding the order and he didn’t have the professional courtesy of responding. Without using vulgarity and cussing, a great way to describe my experience with mr. srimalfive would be: He was nonchalantly brazen with no regard to communication. I would have thought that a web and graphic designer with over 7 years of experience would have more professionalism than a bag of fertilizer. I’ll stick with the fertilizer before ever ordering from mr. Fragglesrock ever again.

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    SHERIFF’S NOTE: Please adhere to Fiverr Forum “Do’s & Don’ts”, by not calling out users.

    POSTER’S NOTE: I motion to appeal to a higher authority since there is absolutely NO recourse for a buyer. Furthermore, I motion to amend the Do’s & Don’t to include circumstantial FACTS of the case presented, as cited above “Sheriff”, against a user. If a seller doesn’t want bad press, don’t be disrespectful and completely ignore a buyer. Fiverr should give people THIS level of satisfaction. Do this, and services will change for the greater good.

From a span of 7 to 10 months, there are only 2 reviews prior to my order.

Survey says … the dude’s a douche. That’s my conclusion. The ratio supports it.

I dunno under what circumstances I’d go three days without hopping on Fiverr. Even if I was sick (unless I was, you know, really sick), I’d be on at least once a day. It’s definitely unprofessional to just let an order expire without some kind of comment.

That being said, because he never really responded to your questions, there’s really no way for you to know what happened to him during those three days. I’m not defending him, I’m just saying that maybe just assuming that he’s a heartless jag is a bit of an overreaction. Maybe he was working on your logo but it was taking him too long and you threatened a negative review and he was too scared to ask for more time, so he just asked to cancel? Or maybe he really was just ignoring you–but since most sellers are here to make money, and you can’t do that if you just let orders run late constantly or consistently steal from buyers (the reviews would reflect it)–that wouldn’t be my first conclusion.

I appreciate your input, but I …

  • placed the order at 01:22 JANUARY 05, 2015
  • pressed for confirmation at 12:46 JANUARY 07, 2015

    The task was to be completed in 3 days. Had he communicated, something rather than nothing, it’d be a very different experience.

    This is very much different than your buyer experience you described.

Good day,

I’m sorry you had a negative experience with a Fiverr seller, but let me give you MY two cents on the situation.

I just had an issue with a buyer myself where I had to cancel an order. He sent me messages within minutes of each other - saying he needed his work done fast (quicker than the deadline but refused to pay extra to get that done). When he messaged and ordered, I was out most of the day, and didn’t get back on my computer last evening because I went straight to bed.

When I woke up, I saw that he had written again… short and sweet: “I’m waiting”. I hate to say it, but it got my spidey’s senses tingling. I cancelled the order with an apology saying I couldn’t do his work due to an illness, which is true. Did I dodge a bullet? Would the buyer be understanding in why he couldn’t move quicker in my queue, due to my other workload? Would he understand that I have another job and don’t work full-time as a freelancer? Will he understand that being sick can slow me down?

When I messaged him about the cancellation, I get a c-ya back. I feel justified in my feelings. I just didn’t feel right about the situation.

It could be that so many messages in a short-time frame - while it may not seem a lot to you - could have put the seller on edge. You don’t know if that seller was working, asleep or had an issue that took him/her away from the computer. (not everyone has Fiverr Mobile). And, with those many messages in that timeframe, the seller may have felt the same way… dodging a bullet.

Granted, the seller probably should have something more, but with as many orders as some sellers are getting, he may have been pressed for time. Still, you don’t know. If you order, it may be best to give it a day before you start pressing again for confirmation, as you don’t know for sure what’s going on in their side of the world.

Good luck.