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Bad Experience with Seller - *********

I posted a request with all the details on it, this seller says he can do it, etc, asks heaps of questions which were actually already discussed in the request. An order is made and a delivery schedule is set. On the day of the scheduled delivery this fool sends a mutual cancellation request.

Sellers, if you cannot do it, then don’t offer.

Because we don’t only lose money here, we lose something more precious which is time.

There should be a way for fiverr to have these people repay me in full, including transaction fees considering all the inconvenience.

Lesson learned: sellers will lie about what they can or cannot do just to get a gig and they maybe just hope for the best. Buyers beware.

Sorry you had a bad experience. But any experience is a learning experience, and going forward I’m sure it will be better, but the frustration is totally understandable.

I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. As a seller, I can easily say that I don’t take on projects I can’t do. I like making money but I want my clients to be happy with the work they receive, and that requires that I know my skills and my strengths. Best of luck!

You know you are completely right. It’s not about money, it’s also about time when you are in need of a piece of work. I’m a seller and although I have to request mutual cancellation of orders occasionally (due to job details not actually being specified etc) I always cancel within the first few hours of an order, in order to give a buyer either enough time to get back to me or find someone more suitable to do the work they need.

In this case, don’t loose faith. There are very talented and attentive people here on Fiverr. The trick for buyers who use Fiverr regularly, is simply to build relationships with sellers who they know they can trust.

When you accepted your buyer’s offer, did you provide instructions as you’re supposed to? Because a lot of buyers forget to do that, and you forget we bid on several offers, not just one. How are we to remember?