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Bad experience with seller ***********

I hired ********* to design a band logo. His portfolio looked promising and he seemed personable in his communication with me but the actual content he was sending me was just not that great and he took forever to send me the revisions I requested. In the last revision he sent, the lettering on the logo was clearly crooked like he half-assed it and when I sent him a message this morning, I saw that his account disappeared. I guess I’ve learned that when you pay a graphic designer $5, you get what you pay for.

  1. Calling out other users is against TOS
  2. Not all Graphic Designers are alike
  3. Don’t let this sully your experience of the site nor others on the site that sell similar services.

I get it. I am a seller here but I went to have a logo made for my own marketing company, even though I do logos, just wanted a fresh eye on it, and my experience on fiverr with logos was not good either. Used fiverr for other jobs that were successful, but the logo gigs have issues with people who should not be doing logos (just using the generators for “custom” design) selling on here. I was just not a buyer of the logo gig that was happy with the result that was far from custom. The same is true for any gig. You have to find the good ones and weed out the ones that should not be selling. Don’t give up. There are some good designers out there!

Lesson learned. Don’t put your brand out there for $5!

Yeah. It’s not like people come to fiverr for cheap work! Oh wait…

It is impossible to be affordable for any design seller to do complete final design for $5. So most of $5 Logos are just modified free templates…

I do custom work but I don’t do much for 5.00 and only include a web sized jpeg. People are so rude about this I have seriously considered leaving fiverr lately.

I totally understand you.

I have yet to see a logo seller who really delivers what I consider consistently wonderful logos. Most of them look like old tired clip art—childish, unsophisticated and cartoonish.
I would rather pay a good artist $200 and get something wonderful, modern, businesslike, with sophisticated design and polish. I know such artists and they don’t churn out hundreds of logos a week.

I think it’s different strokes for different folks. I would never want modern and my style suits me but you, from the sound of it, would hate everything I do ha ha!

I think the nature of Fiverr (“cheap and cheerful”–let’s not pretend otherwise) lends itself to art and design that is off the cuff. Whether someone appreciates another’s art style is of course entirely subjective! If I were to get art commissioned, I probably wouldn’t be looking at the gig offers, but finding someone whose style I liked and then sending a detailed request asking for prices.

As a sidenote, it’s pretty obvious to me when someone has made their entire website off Fiverr. It looks cheap and poorly put together, and I’m just adding to the cacophony of styles. It’s much better to spend more and get a better end result with a single person/team. People can see when something is shoddily put together to save a few (lot!) of cents…

Design is one of my passions and where my formal education is.

Why don t you try then selling some? I bet you would come across really cool jobs you would be enjoying working on.

I am a naturally creative person, and I do like the idea of creating art for sale, but… I’m selling my real talent here, which is writing. Besides, modifications on a design gig seem nightmarish. At the moment it’s just changing a few words or modifying the feeling of a piece (which is easy for me). Having to deal with some idiot who doesn’t know what they want but don’t want whatever I’ve done–yet cannot say what’s WRONG bar stuff that is to their taste?

<exits, pursued by a bear>

No ta! In any case, I’d need a wacom… preferably the big one where you can see what you’re doing and that’s $$$!

"Having to deal with some idiot who doesn’t know what they want but don’t want whatever I’ve done–yet cannot say what’s WRONG bar stuff that is to their taste?"
You have hit the nail on the designer’s head with that statement.

Agreed. I think fiverr is a good platform for the “different” folks to build a portfolio too… there are good and bad things here…

But I totally agree about the websites.

It’s a writer’s problem as well :slight_smile: luckily I can usually weed out what I need to do from a heap of nonsense.

that is true, it can be annoying… but the pleasure when you hit the perfect thing,. that is totally worth of an annoying part.

Oh and spamming the forum with the same topic isn’t exactly going to help your cause either, I know this from experience, LOL :stuck_out_tongue: