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Bad experience with seller *********

I hired ********* to design a logo. Her portfolio looked promising and she seemed responsible. Also I looked at her profile too
-I have waited more that 10 days
-She doesn’t respond message
-She doesn’t communicate
-Once I requested to cancel my order she responded right after.
But If you send a message, you have to wait to wait 4 days to her respond back to you, even though she seems to online.
DO NOT hire oder this designer base on my experience.

Admin Note: The usual forum rules normally don’t allow calling out of other users. They don’t apply in this case, but I’ve edited out the misspelled username anyway to avoid other user’s thinking it’s OK.

i can see that you are pretty upset, im sorry for that, i really think you are being unfair here, you purchase a gig with an 8 day turnaround time, your deadline changed and star asking me to deliver sooner or else you would post a negative review.

I personally think you are mistaken here and that this is no way to conduct yourself but i wont stop been polite with you cause thats how i was raised and because i think that if you have all the elements to judge this scenario you will see it the same way i do.

Hope to make this more clear to you and i truly wish you all the best.

Ps: im attaching our conversation here, how i responded right away when you made the purchase and also how threatened me with a bad review to deliver earlier cause your deadline suddenly changed (as if that were my fault in any way)

Sorry you couldn’t wait for the official due date and thats you are so upset with this.

lol. No wonder I couldn’t find the seller.

Quit spamming the boards with your wrongly-spelt seller angst. Now I can see who you’re on about, can I note that they have HUNDREDS of orders in the queue and an average lead time of 8 days? If you want someone to respond ASAP to your inquiries, this is not the seller for you.

Sorry that you have to deal with this moron, Jess. A great decision to cancel… I’d report him to Customer Support for his silly threats! He couldn’t even spell your name right when telling everyone to avoid you…lol.

EDIT: @borydesign, the image attachment here doesn’t work, you need to use photobucket. and img scr=… I for one am intrigued to know how the conversation went!

Wow over 187 orders in your queue! Yes I hope you are able to post the conversation.
I would be understanding if I didn’t hear from you for a while with that workload. You must be fantastic.

Well done @borydesign !
To all Sellers who get an abusive buyer - this is how you respond!

Thank you so much to all of you for the support, i really try my best to deliver a high quality service to all my customers as im really appreciative of Fiverr and every single client i have.

Its a shame when someone try to tarnish your reputation with untruthful comments and thats why i think its so important to upload the conversation and let everyone judge for themselves who is right in this dispute.

Again, i appreciate your support !!!

Happy Sunday for you all :wink:


Next time you have a seller disappoint you stay polite and simply request a

Certain designers are so busy that it is normal for them to not answer for many days.
I have found that when someone has almost 200 orders in their queue and they are just 1 person, you can’t expect them to answer or deliver on any particular schedule.
You have to either be extremely patient and understanding or cancel the order.
POLITELY! What you said was horrible.

Four days after her message to you, you threatened her? It’s not how we do business here.

Well, you’re coming off as reasonable to me. Yasin, on the other hand…

…I want to see Yasin dig himself out of his hole! Sorry you had to deal with this Jess–I know it’s a lot of unnecessary stress and can throw your day off.

Agreed. One week isn’t bad, especially with such a huge backlog. Most my gigs are 10 days (something I need to change, but I like the flexibility…) and if a buyer nicely says something like “I didn’t realize that it would be x days–could you possibly deliver sooner?” I will likely do it. The way Yasin went about it was completely wrong.

Absolutely no reason to issue threats and write misleading “reviews” on forums. I’m glad this post was kept up, as all to often the seller is unaware of the post and is unable to defend themselves–this post shows that a negative opinion is often not as presented.

Obviously the seller is swamped due to being so popular.
There is no reason for this kind of attack on her.

Funny how a buyer will curve a story to make himself look like the victim of a horrible crime because the seller didn’t bend over backwards and wink at him… sigh

Very nice work you do bory!

This thread should be titled "Bad experience with buyer"
In the interest of fairness I see the buyer was new to fiverr so this may have had something to do with it.

Can this buyer actually feel some consequences of his act? I think threatening is against TOS; and he should be banned or something… seriously, who would ever again after reading this whole post want to work with that man?

@borydesign, you are a hero!