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Bad experience with Twitter follower seller



I have been dealing with Fiverr for some time now. My overall experience is satisfying. Last week I purchased a Gig from this guy fragglesrock. I paid for 4000 Twitter followers and had it split to 2 accounts. The work was delivered on time but 1 day after I had given him a positive rating, the followers started to drop like flies. I contacted him and asked him politely to re/instate the followers or request for a refund. Yes, I know $5 is not a lot but that is not the point. People who sell on Fiverr should be professional and deliver what they have promised. I have seen so many Gigs where people promise things and as soon as the review is in, they change the order. I am sorry but that is not how it works and frankly I am starting to doubt if I want to use Fiverr again.

I contacted the seller again as I didn’t receive a response. Now all my Twitter followers (all 4000) are gone. Anyway, I just want to let you know in case you were looking to purchase a gig from this guy.


Sheriff’s note: calling out other members is not allowed


Calling out other members is not allowed, best to remove the username there.

Second, if you are not satisfied, and believe you did not get exactly what you ordered, contact Customer Support. Supply them with the proof - but be warned that they might not get you a refund if they believe that you were given exactly what was offered. Technically, there is nowhere the offer that they will REMAIN followers, after all.

Buying followers, SEO, likes, etc is a risky business.

If CS refunds, you will get your money back in the Fiverr account.