Bad experience


a customer hires me to suggest 50 domain names for thier buissness,

i deliver 95 suggestions since i always over deliver… well before the delivery date was due,

the customer wants my input about certain names… which ones i like and why… so our communication carrys on after the event

then before the 3 days is up she marks: "request a modification"

when a customer does this it says your LATE to deliver,

anyway she didnt realy request anything to be changed, just marked it.

so i delivered the job again this time with 171 suggestions even tho my job was done and dusted realy so now im realy going above and beyond…

once again communication persists for a while before you know it

she “requests a modification” again no reason

i saw it coming but eventually she marks "requests a refund"

i dont wanna argue about money so i just accepted to get it out of the way, but boy it gets me mad it took me hours to make the list and for what.

o well live and learn but im sure it`ll happen again thiers nothing to prevent it


In other words, she wanted more and more for free. If she sent a request to cancel and refund her money, I would just reject it. Let CS handle it from then on. :slight_smile:


yes, she didnt ask for it but she may have wanted more.

i contacted support the first time she requested a modification, but was told we had to talk it out - but whats thier to talk about the jobs done and dusted.

anyway i didnt know what would happen if i rejected the cancelation i didnt want it to drag on.

i have the feeling that the customer didnt find a name she liked in the list perhaps,

and thats probally the real problem right thier

people under the impression they dont have to pay unless they actually choose a name from the list you created? not asif im going to go through every single one to check if its taken.

i put alot of hard work and many hours into creating the list of names, its my most popular gig and never had a problem before infact some of my customers even purchase expensive premium domains because the suggestions are so good.

i actually recieve instant messages alot from random strangers asking if i will suggest names and if they register it they`ll pay me $50 lol no thanks mate ill take the $5 wether you take it or not if they cant afford to pay that then the chances of me receiving fifty bucks is very unlikely