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Bad experience

I am new to fiverr. I ordered a script writing assignment for a whiteboard animation. i told her to write a background narration. she wrote a story for a book. she charged me $20. is there any way i can get my monery back.

Usually, Fiverr won’t refund orders due to a buyers personal opinion of the work received. Obviously, your seller has provided you with work which has taken them a significant amount of time to complete. In fact, it seems that what you might have had here is a bit of a communication breakdown.

In this case, did you send the seller in question the video which you need the script writing for? Whether you did or didn’t, my advice would be to find a whiteboard video example you like, send the seller a link to this video and explain that you need the content they have provided you with revising in order for it to be of similar quality for your own project.

If your seller refuses to do this revision or they still fail to meet your expectations, you then have the right to leave a review detailing your dissatisfaction.

You can ask her to modify it and try again.

I agree that she must not have understood what you wanted. I am curious if she was a level 1, 2 or top rated seller, and what country she is in and what country you are in?
How many reviews does she have?

One other thing I wonder in addition to the good questions here: what kind of gig did you buy? Did the gig say it was for script writing? Did it mention video scripts or whiteboard scripts? Usually you would want to either order a gig that very specifically says what kind of writing it is for or you’d need to ask the seller if they can do a custom piece.

If you ordered a script and the seller didn’t offer that and didn’t understand, they may have delivered their best effort. Don’t put the seller’s name here, but if you can explain the gig better you can get the best answers. Forum readers can help you a lot with what to ask the seller and/or what to say to Customer Support but it depends on whether or not a refund is the right thing to ask for.

I’m a bit leery of this complaint. Any good sales copy tells a story, and without seeing the actual work produced, who can tell if it was truly bad?

Besides, the words whiteboard animation script make me automatically assume that you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel anyway.

the words whiteboard animation script make me automatically assume that you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel Exactly. And a good point about a script telling a story.

Think of all the best ads you ever saw–they all tell a story. Humans love stories, and we remember information better than boring old facts.

The fact that OP describes it as a “story for a book” indicates to me that the seller wrote copy that was on target, at least. It also indicates that this buyer knows nothing about success or business, but I’m just casting aspersions here. Besides, we’re being asked to cast aspersions by OP, so this is just some mild karmic biteback. Sorry OP, you need to give me more details before I change my opinion. Or we could have a fight to the death! I’m down for both.

Now that you mention it I would like to see the script/story the OP got.