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Bad Experience

Some days ago i got a order from a client. i was complete and delivery that order but after complete job he want refund. I was surprised.

I ask him what happen ? why you want to cancel this order ? do you need any modification?
But he told me one word “cancel it '”

Actually he was a scam client. I accept his cancellation request and give him free work.That was so bad experience for me.

After 2 days i got a 3 big order. :slight_smile:

I belief " Be honest everything will be happy to you at the end "

to be continued…

sorry. that was mistake

It happens, Even I was also scammed once in my early days.
We learned from our mistakes.

Yes everyone leans from mistakes. I also had experienced kind of situations.

you are not only. I also suffer from this problem

Its not necessary that people will like your work everytime you delivered,Sometimes they don’t even have time to tell you if you don’t understand the base concept of something the buyers knew that he just asked for you to Refund it.

There are people out there who would leave 2 star review,In that case you’ll have to suffer more.

Its not about being Scammed or Robbed you’ve to understand it its called Personal Choice.

There could be a lot of reasons for the cancellation that happened.

I also faced this problem . I agree with your belief .

How do you cancel an order, i have a similaar problem from the buyer side and i have asked one person to issue a refund but she is ignoring me, at least another one is in the pipeline to be cancelled if they do not deliver as they state in their gig and are not answering your messages-i cant even seem to know how to get in touch with customer support to ask this generic question about getting my monies back

What was a mistake? Why would another seller reply “to be continued” on your thread and then you would come on and say it was a mistake? This looks very strange.

When I replied "to be continued…. ", the post contains only one line “Some days ago i got a order from a”.
Later on, OP updated the full post.

I think that make sense now. :slight_smile:

Ah, I see, it was a helpful (funny) comment to a partial post. Thanks - since the OP had come back and finished it that was confusing!

You are right but some times we can understand who is scam buyer.

In order page click “RESOLUTION CENTER” and then you can cancel your order

yes you are right.

thanks @fonthaunt

how could you solved that @kavindaktk. Can you please share your experienced with us ?

how did you solved it @neerajg7

Do you think Fiverr have to do something in this issue? because this is so much painful for a sealer.