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Bad experiences with so called professional programmers here on Fiverr

So where should I start? A month ago, I started to hire programmers for my projects. My projects are easy mostly but one or two. So the first order’s price was reasonable regarding the task and I hadn’t to rewrite it much! It was a good start! And then…first of all, every single of seller considers himself/herself professional.

  • My second order… the seller asked for a super high budget and I was like “even though this project isn’t that hard, okay, after the first good experience, why not, if he really does a great job”. His code was chaotic. I spent much more time to rewrite it than writing it from scratch.

  • The third order… again new seller, again a so called professional: I asked him to write my program with functions and well (not in a chaotic way). He immediately tried to increase the price after I told him my budget and again I was like okay. He copy-pasted my program from stackoverflow WITHOUT functions.

  • The 4th order… I decided to hire the first guy again, he seemed better than the previous ones. I was wrong… He aggressively tried to increase his prices… after some back and forth it was like “My budget, for this, is … if it’s ok to you, nice! if not, I’ll find someone else” He replied like “after the fiverr’s cut I’ll get only…” and I was done with it immediately.

  • The 5th order: In a nutshell I FOUND A REALLY PROFESSIONAL SELLER finally, his code was perfect, he wasn’t that overpriced and he even was fast.

After that I wanted to hire him again but he stopped to respond to me, at that time I had 2 projects a minor one with some bug fixing and writing 2 functions and a harder one so…

  • The 6th order: I decided to test the seller for the bigger project first with my minor task. I ordered the smallest package ($5) he then came back to me, regarding my order, like “how I dare to order from him without contacting him first, it’s clearly isn’t $5” ??? So I told him It’s a test, if he does it well, I’ll give him my bigger project. He said OK! After 2 days of waiting, he sent my code back without editing it like it’s done. I wanted to cancel it but he DECLINED it with an explanantion about the bad effect on his profile, to be honest, I really didn’t care about the bad effect LOL!. He was again a so called professional and my task would take about 10-15 min for a real professional.

So here I am, I got a harder project but NOT IMPOSSIBLE. The guy who was really good doesn’t respond to me at all. I don’t know why… I posted a buyer request, no one sent me a offer. I tried to find another seller but those so called professionals aren’t able to help me or they’re busy!

Sidenote: those awful sellers are from the same countries… and I rarely find someone from another country in this subject.

I think you might need to change your vetting process. You might find 1-2 bad sellers, but 5-6 should be an indication that you need to use a different approach.

I’m not trying to put the blame on you. I know there are a ton of bad sellers our there.
What I’m trying to say is that there are also a ton of great sellers, but you need to know how to find them.

So what’s your vetting process alike?
Do you ask samples? Do you have a detailed brief that clearly explains your requirements?
Do you discuss the project with them in detail and ask specific questions to make sure they understand it?
When they send you an offer to they actually explain what they will do and how?

Do you have a sample brief that we can take a look to see if we can help you improve it?


You can not find a good developer for $5, sorry to disappoint you, and time doesn’t matter to a good developer, yes I surely can do it in 5 or 10 minutes for example but it takes others a week or two to figure it out, so for that reason I might charge $200 for my 5 or 10 minutes.

I don’t care about time at all, you go to a doctor because you have a problem, he diagnoses you and writes you a medicine the bill is $100 dollars, why? Because he simply is a doctor and it is going to take someone else 6 years of study to do what this doctor does in 5 minutes.

One more thing, regardless of how cheap that country you are talking about is, good developers from this country will always charge as much as a western developer does.

I have a lot of bad experiences on Fiverr, the reason is, it seems like buyers on Fiverr loves to be cheated on, every time a buyer comes to me and he is like what is your guarantee for making me #number 1 on google, seriously are you kidding me? give you a guarantee for $300 bucks? No way baby SEO is a marketing strategy, if you are willing to invest and learn from my experience, you are welcome if not then you can simply go to hell.

I actually don’t take Fiverr seriously anymore unless I get some real clients who are willing to invest in my experience.

Example: I just got a client asking me how to make his website faster, I replied I can do it for that $$$ much, it seems like he wanted a free service, funny shit, everyone wants things for free.

Two days ago a buyer came to me asking me about her website performance, and I was super honest and told her your website performance is perfect, in spite of this she was seeing different results, I explained to her and showed her the real results, she was happy, anyway she wanted to work with me on SEO and wanted guarantee from me? LOL Yes I surely can get you on the first page of Google, however, it will not be relevant, so I hope people start understanding that working with cheap monkeys is only going in one direction which is making them lose more time and money, Save yourself some time and money and hire a real developer.

I hope you got the point.

Good luck