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Bad experienxmce

The first oerson I was going to hire wanted my whatsapp account.I said No. Then wanted to message me in FB. I said no.No thanks. I would hire someone else. Instead of him focusing on work he told me dont tell Fiverr because its dangerous :joy::rofl:Next I accepted an offer for work on my Shopify website. An entire day has gone by with NOTHING but ME working on it. Ugh This is ridiculous.

Sorry to hear that. There are lots of trustworthy sellers, but also a lot of unprofessional sellers, hobbyists and scammers.

Do you due diligence, check their ratings (especially the negative ones, if they have any) and check their live portfolio work to make sure you have someone who is serious about his or her job.


I would report this seller to CS. We do not need sellers like him on the Fiverr platform.

When is your delivery due?

True, and the scammers should be reported!